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Stacks of Gold American Eagle Gold Bullion Coins Welcome To Gold Why! My site is all about gold. Are you interested in learning more about gold bullion coins and bars? Perhaps you're more interested in numismatics? How about gold jewelry or even shares of gold mining companies? I cover all topics relating to gold. Moreover, I also cover other precious metals (silver, platinum, and palladium) and even some base metals (copper bullion). To get you started, my site is organized around five main sections:

Two Gold Bullion Bars I sincerely hope you find my site interesting, informative, and exciting. Would you like to suggest a topic? Don't hesitate to contact me. Interested in learning more about me, your Gold Why webmaster and author? You may wish to start out with my article on Why I Created Gold Why. Looking for a quick snapshot of the price of gold (it certainly has been volatile lately)? Make sure to bookmark my gold price page. Once you're ready to start buying gold bullion, you'll want to make sure to check out the Gold Why Store. Have a question about gold? Ask away in our gold questions & answers section. Many of the best articles on this site are the result of questions from readers like you! As a closing tip, I highly suggest signing up for Gold Why's email newsletter. My newsletter offers exclusive articles and information not available on the site. I sincerely thank you for visiting my site and please come back as I update the site regularly.

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Gold Why is Back: My 2014 Thoughts On Gold Bullion After a few years of not posting here on Gold Why, I'm officially back. Today, I wanted to share my thoughts about gold in 2014. I'm excited to be back writing about my favorite topic, gold. February, 2014
My Bad Experience Buying Gold Bullion I've been buying gold coins for a long time. You would think I'm an expert. Not completely, I still have a lot to learn and am learning more every single day. Recently while buying gold at my local coin/pawn shop, I had a bad experience. Learn from my mistakes, and avoid the challenges I faced. Here at, I'm all about sharing the good and the bad, for your empowerment. February, 2014
I Love Maui Trade Dollars You may remember that I wrote about Maui Trade Dollars a few years back. Well, I just got back from another Maui vacation and another opportunity to purchase stunning Maui Trade Dollars. I sure got some great ones, including a silver coin, and can't wait to share them with you. September, 2014
Should I Buy Gold? Should you buy gold? With all the volatility in the stock market and the price of gold near multi-year lows, this can be a difficult question to answer. Let this seasoned gold bullion pro provide some insights on how you can decide when to pick up some gold coins. September, 2015
My Experience Buying Gold British Sovereign Coins I recently purchased two Gold British Sovereign Coins from APMEX (years 1981 and 1928). Learn all about my personal journey buying these gold bullion coins. As my first Gold Why article in years, I'm thrilled to share my personal thoughts and insights on these amazing gold coins. Bonus: This article also includes pictures of my Sovereigns and a video too. March, 2017
My Experience Buying My South African 2 Rand Gold Coin South African 2 Rand Gold Coin I just purchased a South African 2 Rand Gold Coin from APMEX. The cousin of the British Sovereign, this fractional gold bullion coin contains 0.2354 troy ounces of gold bullion. A 22 karat gold coin, it's built for durability. With the Krugerrand being perhaps my favorite gold coin of all time, I just had to pick up this 2 Rand Gold Coin as well. I am pleased with my purchase and learn all about my experience and insights. March, 2017
My New, Huge Copper Bullion Bar I just purchased a massive 10 pound copper bullion bar from Provident Metals. I'm excited to share my experience with this fun purchase. More than that, I want to share my theory that there are actually two separate markets for copper: (1) institutional quality ingots and (2) bulk industrial uses. Given these two separate markets, I personally believe my institutional quality bar from Provident is affordable and fairly-priced. March, 2017

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Why Did I Create Gold Why? Welcome To Gold Why, your free resource all about gold coins, bullion, investments, and jewelry. This article explains why I started this gold site and my passion for gold. I hope you enjoy my free articles and resources. December, 2007
Why Give Gold Coins For The Holidays? This holiday season, I urge you to give gold and silver coins as gifts. Gold and silver coins are appreciating investments that last as a store of value forever. By giving the gift of gold, you are not only giving a really great and valuable gift, but you are also encouraging others to explore their own gold investment opportunities. December, 2007
Why Diversify Within Your Gold Coin Portfolio? Diversification is the key to a successful gold bullion coin portfolio. I recommend owning all different sizes and types of gold coins including United States and foreign tenth, quarter, half, and one ounce coins. Diversify your gold portfolio for maximum security and appreciation. December, 2007
Why Own and Wear Gold Jewelry? Everyone should own gold jewelry. The two best gold jewelry items are bracelets and necklaces followed by watches and rings. Gold jewelry is not only great for fashion appeal, but is also a tremendous long term investment and store of value. December, 2007
Why It's Not The Right Time For Gold Stocks? Gold Dice I think gold is one of the best investments out there. I used to invest in gold stocks but think the easy gains are over. Instead of gold stocks, I now recommend investing in gold itself since the overhead of gold mining is outweighing the benefits now that all of the easy gold has been mined. December, 2007
Why Vote For Ron Paul? A Gold Bug's Opinion Inflation is out of control. Oil topped $100 per barrel today and gold hit $860. This is good news for a gold bug like myself however I am concerned overall where our country is headed. Our current government just does not get it. We need someone leading our nation that understands inflation, economics, and gold. Vote for Ron Paul. January, 2008
Why Buy Gold Bullion From Well Known Gold Shops? Free tutorial on how to buy gold bullion and coins. Buying gold coins may seem intimidating but it is really simple if you follow a few basic rules. Learn how to choose reputable gold bullion shops and buy gold from trusted stores. You will sleep better at night knowing your gold is authentic and backed by a reputable shop. January, 2008
Why Invest In Shares of Gold Mining Companies? Top reasons why I recommend buying stock in gold mining companies. Currently trading around $860 per ounce, the gold rally is just beginning. As gold continues to hit new heights, gold stocks will give exponential gains beyond holding raw gold bullion. January, 2008
Why Store Gold Bullion In Your Safe Deposit Box? Three Credit Suisse Gold Bullion Bars Provides information all about storing gold bullion and coins in your safe deposit box. Discusses the pros and cons of safe deposit boxes in addition to other gold bullion storage alternatives. Gold is soaring to new heights and purchasing allocated gold bullion is a great investment. Learn how to store your gold bullion. January, 2008
Why Complement Your Gold Portfolio With Other Metals? Gold is one of the best precious metal investments. However, in the spirit of diversification, you will want to complement your gold portfolio with other precious metals and commodities such as silver, platinum, palladium, and oil. Diversification is always on your side when the market conditions get volatile and learn how to diversify your precious metals and commodity portfolio. January, 2008
Why Buy Gold, Silver, and Copper From E Cohen Mint? E Cohen Mint is a gold, silver, and copper mint located in New York specializing in exotic bullion products that are not available anywhere else. I really like them because they offer gold in very small sizes and also copper bullion products. E Cohen Mint is a great choice for the gold bullion investor looking for items not available anywhere else. January, 2008
Why Buy Exotic Bullion From Jetco Minting? Jetco Minting is a niche exotic bullion mint that mints copper, aluminum, bronze, brass, and lead bullion bars of varying sizes. In an effort to complement your gold and silver precious metals portfolio with some base metals, Jetco Minting is a super place to shop. Review of my experience buying copper bullion from Jetco. January, 2008
Why Hide Your Gold Coins In A Safe Place? Tips on how to safely hide your gold coins and valuables to protect against theft. Clever ideas on hiding your precious metals so nobody will ever be able to find them. January, 2008
Why Buy 25 Dollar Boxes of Copper Pennies? Pre 1982 copper pennies are worth over two cents each. Buying these pennies for face value guarantees a risk free 100 percent appreciation in your investment. Learn how to buy 25 dollar boxes of copper pennies. February, 2008
Why Buy Gold Bullion Coins From Blanchard and Company? Three Thin Gold Bullion Bars Review of Blanchard and Company, one of the oldest and most respected gold bullion and numismatics dealers in the US. Read about my personal experience buying gold American Eagles from Blanchard. March, 2008
Why Buy Gold and Silver Bullion on Ebay? Ebay is a gold and silver investors paradise. You can find some great deals if you know what you're doing and are patient. You can lose money if you are not careful. Learn how to buy gold on Ebay today. March, 2008
Why Watch The Coolest Gold Collection Ever On YouTube? Video of one man's collection of $36,000 worth of gold bullion coins. This is a very informative and neat video because you get to see a lot of gold bullion coins and a great collection with a lot of variety. Also, we summarize the main points of the video. March, 2008
Why Buy Gold and Silver From Review of my personal experience ordering coins from GovMint, a great online gold and silver coin store. GovMint is a really fun gold store that offers a huge array of neat gold coins, all in one convenient place. May, 2008
Why Buy Gold Bullion Coins? Two 22 Karat American Gold Eagles There are so many reasons to buy and invest in gold bullion coins. This is my top 10 list with the top 10 reasons to buy gold coins today. Whether you are new to gold bullion or a seasoned gold bug, you'll want to check out our top 10 list! May, 2008
Exclusive Interview With E Cohen Minting Exclusive interview with E Cohen Minting gold, silver, copper, and platinum bullion mint. Learn all about this fascinating mint directly from the owner himself. I highly recommend checking out E Cohen Mint for really neat coins and bars that are simply not available anywhere else (I'm a customer myself). June, 2008
Beginner's Guide To Investing In Gold Jewelry In these times of economic strain, gold jewelry is a great investment. Read our comprehensive beginner's guide to investing in gold jewelry. June, 2008
Why Buy Wheat Pennies & Coins From Review of my personal experience ordering coins from is a very unique store that sells grab bags of wheat pennies, silver coins, and more. It's one of my favorite coin shops around. July, 2008
Why Buy Coins From Shop NBC? Review of The Coin Shoppe Review of my personal experience buying coins from Shop NBC's Coin Shoppe. Shop NBC is a great way for a beginning coin collector to learn about coins while picking up some good deals. August, 2008
Why Buy Gold From Creative Sources? There are many great options when buying gold, don't limit yourself to traditional stores. Advanced gold buying strategies for the advanced gold buyer. September, 2008
Why Am I Hoarding One Dollar (and Five Dollar) Bills? Find out why I am hoarding one dollar and five dollar bills, and I encourage you to do the same! This is a great way to prepare for the future and additionally save some extra money. October, 2008
Why Buy Copper Bullion Bars From The Metal Mint? Review of my personal experience ordering a 5 ounce copper bullion bar from The Metal Mint. Discussion of why I like collecting copper bullion bars as a component of my precious and base metals portfolio. November, 2008
Why Buy Johnson Matthey Gold Bars? Stacks of Many Gold Bars Review of my personal experience buying a one troy ounce Johnson Matthey gold bar from my local coin shop. Learn from my experience and avoid the one mistake I made. This is actually the first gold bar I have purchased and was quite a good learning experience since buying gold bars is a little trickier than gold bullion coins. December, 2008
Why Buy Copper Bullion From The Copper Cave by Susquehanna Hobbies? Review of my personal experience buying copper bullion bars from The Copper Cave by Susquehanna Hobbies. Pictures of my 10 ounce Market Harmony copper bullion bar from The Copper Cave. January, 2009
Why Gold Coins Bring Good Luck? The more gold coins I buy the better my luck gets. When I sold some gold coins about 6 months ago, I had terrible luck. Gold coins are directly related to your good luck. February, 2009
Why Gold Is An Important Investment In Our Bad Economy? There's no doubt about it, our economy is horrible. Learn all about investing in gold as a smart way to maintain (and even grow) your wealth during this recession. February, 2009
Exclusive Interview With Market Harmony Exclusive interview Market Harmony copper mint. I highly recommend buying copper, silver, and gold bullion bars and ingots from Market Harmony LLC. They hand produce some of the finest bullion bars out there. March, 2009
Exclusive Interview With The Copper Cave Exclusive interview with the owner of The Copper Cave by Susquehanna Hobbies, the leading copper bullion store on the Internet. Learn all about The Copper Cave and why you should buy copper ingots and bars from them. March, 2009
Why Buy Tacoma Copper Bars? I recently purchased a 5 pound copper bar from Tacoma Copper on eBay. Read a review of my experience and also view several large images of my shiny five pound copper bullion bar. April, 2009
Why Buy Gold Versus Silver? Why Buy Silver Vs. Gold? Silver Bullion Ingot Looking to invest in bullion but can't decide between gold versus silver? Learn all about these two precious metals and the pros and cons of each. My preferred solution? Build up a position in both gold and silver bullion. May, 2009
Why Collect Spare Change From The Ground? Looking to make a little extra money while having fun? Learn all about picking up loose spare change from the ground. It's easy to find spare change almost anywhere. June, 2009
Why Pay Yourself First In Gold Bullion Coins? I love the concept of paying yourself first. Putting a spin on this money saving idea, why not pay yourself first in gold bullion coins and bars? Let's investigate paying yourself first in gold versus other methods. July, 2009
Why Protect Yourself Against The Next Gold Confiscation? The government confiscated gold in 1933 and it could happen again. Learn about ethical ways to structure your gold portfolio to protect against the next gold confiscation. August, 2009
Why Buy Bullion From Joliet Metal Mint? I recently purchased tin, zinc, and silver bullion from Joliet Metal Mint. Learn about my experience and view images of my awesome Joliet bullion bars. August, 2009
Why Subscribe To Gold Why's Exclusive Email Newsletter? Sign up for Gold Why's new email newsletter today. Receive exclusive articles about gold, silver, and metal bullion directly to your email. Our new newsletter offers information not available on our site. October, 2009
Why Have There Been No Updates To Gold Why Lately? You may be asking, why haven't I updated Gold Why with the price of gold at record levels. Actually, I have! Learn all about the latest Gold Why updates. I'm super excited about my plethora of new gold images, Gold Why's newsletter and free eBook, and Gold Why's Questions and Answers. November, 2009
Why Participate In The Gold Why Giveaway? Gold Why Silver American Eagle Giveaway Gold Why is celebrating its two year anniversary by giving away three free American Silver Eagle coins. Participate in the Gold Why silver coin giveaway today! Participating is absolutely free and the odds of winning are high. Simply sign up for Gold Why's free email newsletter to be entered. The only restriction: The winner must have a United States mailing address where I can ship the Silver American Eagles. December, 2009
Why Buy 1/20 Ounce Gold Bullion Coins? I just purchased a beautiful 1/20 ounce gold Canadian Maple Leaf. Learn all about my personal experience buying this twentieth ounce gold bullion coin. December, 2009
Why Be Careful Buying Coins Online? I'm just about the biggest fan of buying gold and silver bullion coins online. However, it's also important to be very careful at the same time. Why? You work hard for your hard earned money and stuff happens! Today I'm excited to share my free guide to buying coins online, the careful way! March, 2010
Why Buy Silver Vacation Souvenir Coins? I recommend buying silver souvenir coins when you're on vacation. As you may already know, I'm a huge fan of silver art bars and rounds. Learn all about my personal experience with silver vacation souvenir rounds. June, 2010
Why Buy Physical Gold Coins Versus Gold ETFs? I have been getting a lot of questions about physical gold coins versus gold ETFs (exchange traded funds). Today I'll talk about the pros and cons of physical gold bullion coins and gold ETFs (such as GLD). September, 2010
Exclusive Interview With River City Coins Today I'm excited to interview Mike Sprouse, owner of River City Coins and Jewelry. I have made multiple gold and silver coin purchases from River City Coins and give them my top recommendation. If you're in the market to buy coins (online or in person), this is the place to go! October, 2010
Why Buy Isle of Man Cat Gold Coins? I recently purchased an Isle of Man cat gold bullion coin. It's a tenth ounce 2000 gold coin featuring a Scottish Fold cat. Read all about my personal experience and why you should buy Isle of Man cat gold coins minted by the Pobjoy Mint. December, 2010
Why Buy Silver Strike Casino Tokens? Silver Strikes Today I'd like to share my personal collection of silver strike casino tokens. I'm a huge fan of silver strikes and currently own four silver strikes. They offer a great way of investing and collecting silver bullion that's a bit different from your typical silver coin and bar options. December, 2010
Why Buy Fractional Silver Bullion Coins? I recently purchased several fractional silver bullion coins. In particular, I picked up half ounce, quarter ounce, and tenth ounce silver Engelhard coins. I'm a huge fan of small, fractional silver coins and discuss my thoughts and strategy around these coins in today's article. May, 2011
Why Buy Gibraltar Dog Gold Coins? I recently purchased an amazing Gibraltar dog gold coin. Today, I'm pleased to share pictures of my dog gold coin and also information about my purchase. In particular, I purchased a 1/25 ounce cocker spaniel coin from 1992. This is a really unique gold bullion coin and I'm thrilled to share my experience with you. May, 2011
Why Buy Gold and Silver From The eBay Bullion Center? eBay just launched their brand new Bullion Center. The eBay Bullion Center, in my opinion, is one of the absolute best places to buy gold and silver coins and bars online. Today, I'm thrilled to review the eBay Bullion Center. July, 2011
Why Collect Maui Trade Dollars? I'm a huge fan of Maui Trade Dollars. I just got back from vacation to Maui and purchased eight Trade Dollars including a beautiful 2010 silver Maui Trade Dollar (only 2,500 produced). Read all about my personal collection, check out pictures, and learn why Maui Trade Dollars are great. September, 2011

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Sunshine Mint
Silver Certificate
Brass Bullion Bar
Soda Can Coin Safe
Engelhard Silver Bars
Gold American Buffalo
Half Ounce Krugerrand
1 Kilo Silver Bullion Bars
Tenth Ounce Gold Eagles
PCGS Silver Morgan Dollar
Old US Gold and Silver Coins
Franklin Silver Half Dollar Coins
Quarter Ounce Gold Maple Leaf
Large Pile of Copper Bullion Bars
Mint Tube of Silver American Eagles
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Fiat Money
Zinc Bullion
Silver Art Bars
1 Kilo Gold Bar
Pile of Gold Coins
Silver Peace Dollar
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Barack Obama Collectible Coins
American Eagle 1 Oz Silver Coin
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Canadian Maple Leaf 1 Oz Silver Coin
Gold Philharmonic
Platinum Bullion Bar
Silver Chinese Panda
Stainless Steel Bullion
Silver Eagle Money Clip
Northwest Territorial Mint
Gold Coin Treasure Chest
Johnson Matthey Silver Bar
Fractional Gold Bullion Coins
Nickel Bullion Bars and Coins
Tenth Ounce Gold Lunar Coin
20 Dollar St Gaudens Gold Coin
Credit Suisse 1 Ounce Gold Bars
Aluminum Bullion Ingots and Bars
American Eagle 22 Karat Gold Coins
Canadian Maple Lf 24 Karat Gold Coins

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Gold Coins - Introduction To Different Gold Bullion Coins In Gold Why's very first video, I discuss the different sizes of gold bullion coins. Specifically, I show my one ounce Gold Eagle, half ounce Krugerrand, quarter ounce Maple Leaf, tenth ounce gold Chinese Panda, and twentieth ounce gold Maple Leaf. I discuss the pros of buying fractional gold bullion coins. June, 2010
My Silver Art Bar and Round Collection In today's Gold Why video, I share my silver art bar and round collection. I'm a big fan of silver bullion art bars and discuss the benefits of investing in them. September, 2010
My Tenth Ounce Gold Coin Collection In today's Gold Why video, I'm thrilled to share my personal 1/10 ounce gold bullion coin collection. I share my 2009 tenth ounce gold eagle, my 2004 1/10 oz gold monkey, my 2009 1/10 ounce gold panda, and my 2000 1/10 ounce gold cat. I also share my 1/20 oz gold maple leaf. January, 2011
My Silver American Eagle Coin Collection Silver has been on the rise! Today's timely video showcases my personal Silver American Eagle coin collection. I highlight my 2008 Silver Eagle and also my mint tube of twenty 2007 Silver Eagles straight from the United States Mint. I hope you enjoy this silver coin video, shot in full HD quality. February, 2011
My Silver Coins From GovMint I'm a huge fan of GovMint, one of the top coin stores on the Internet. In today's video, I showcase two of my premium silver bullion coins that I purchased at GovMint. In particular, I'm pleased to showcase my Silver Chinese Panda and also my Silver Australian Koala in full HD quality. February, 2011
My Silver Strike Casino Tokens In addition to gold, I've been collecting and investing in silver bullion, mostly silver rounds and silver art bars. Today's HD quality video highlights my personal silver strike casino tokens. What are silver strikes? They are amazing silver rounds that were available in casino slot machines as a premium prize. March, 2011
My Personal Copper Bullion Bar Collection (Part 1 of 2) Today's video showcases my personal copper bullion bar collection. In particular, I share my large copper bullion bars from Jetco Mint and also The Metal Mint. I share 5 copper bars, 1 brass bar, and 1 bronze bar. This is part 1 of 2 and my next video will showcase my small copper bars. March, 2011
My Personal Copper Bullion Bars (Part 2 of 2) Today's video showcases my personal copper bullion bars. In particular, I share my smaller copper bars from The Metal Mint, Market Harmony, Shire Post Mint, and others. I'm excited to discuss 8 copper bullion bars in total. April, 2011
My Gold American Eagle Today's Gold Why video features my one troy ounce Gold American Eagle. I highlight my 2004 1 oz Gold Eagle, and also include my 2008 Silver American Eagle as a fascinating comparison. My video highlights these beautiful coins in full HD quality. August, 2011
My Half Ounce Gold Krugerrand Today's video features my 1980 half troy ounce gold Krugerrand. The South African Krugerrand, especially the half ounce variety, is one of my favorite gold bullion coins ever. This video is really cool because I also compare my Krugerrand to my American Eagle. September, 2011
My One Ounce Gold Krugerrand I'm excited to share my one troy ounce gold Krugerrand from 1975. The gold Krugerrand is one of my favorite gold bullion coins of all time, if not the favorite. Learn why in this video, in addition to tips about buying gold coins. I discuss 22 karat vs. 24 karat gold bullion, one ounce vs. fractional gold coins, why I like older gold bullion coins, and more. February, 2014

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