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Updated: June, 2010
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Beautiful 2009 1/10 Ounce Chinese Gold Panda Coin  
I'm super excited about today's article because it was sparked by an email I recently received. (Side note: I really love receiving emails from you guys. I work very hard on this site, many times late at night at the expense of my sleep, and it's an honor to get feedback in addition to article suggestions.) I was recently asked the question if I avoided including Chinese Gold Panda Coins on Gold Why for some reason. My answer: Not at all! I'm a smaller time gold investor and started out with the basic coins that are easily available: Krugerrands, Gold Eagles, Gold Maple Leaf Coins being just a few examples. However, I have recently been diversifying my gold coin portfolio quite a bit, especially with different fractional gold coins. After receiving this email, I thought there was no better time than now to diversify my portfolio with my first Gold Panda. Thus, I went to my local coin shop today and was lucky enough to pick up a beautiful 2009 China Gold Panda, pictured to the left and below. I'm also excited that my photography skills keep getting better and better. Just check out the pictures, this is one stunning gold bullion coin!

My 1/10 Ounce 2009 Chinese Gold Panda

I really like my 1/10 Ounce 2009 Gold Panda. First and foremost, the pandas on the reverse (pictured to the left) are awesome. The reverse depicts two panda cubs. Excitingly, the pandas on the reverse change each year (similar to the Australian Lunar Series gold coins), creating a great collectible factor. While the standard gold coins (Gold Maple Leafs, Gold Buffalos, and Gold Krugerrands to name a few) stay consistent in design each year, China's Gold Panda changes! For someone like me who is investing not only for the gold bullion factor, but thoroughly enjoys the "art" of gold coins, this is a really neat feature. Each year, I can look forward to enjoying the new reverse design.

Make Sure Your Gold Panda Comes In It's Original Plastic Sleeve

  Tenth Ounce Gold Panda Obverse
Just like my 1/4 Ounce Gold Maple Leaf Coin, my Gold Panda comes sealed in a protective plastic sleeve straight from the mint. This is a really important characteristic because Gold Pandas are 24 karat gold bullion coins. 24 Karat gold coins can scratch and dent easily and the plastic sleeves help quite a bit in keeping your coins in top condition. My advice: Don't buy a Gold Panda unless it's factory sealed in its original plastic sleeve. My plastic sleeve says, "SHENZHEN GUOBAO MINT" on the edges (the "S" is actually missing), a great way to verify its authenticity.

24 Karat Chinese Gold Coins

I have talked about it many times on this site, but definitely worth repeating. There are two main flavors of gold bullion coins: 22 karat and 24 karat. China's Gold Panda is a 24 karat gold coin. There's nothing like the luster of a pure 24 karat gold coin. The Gold Panda is a really amazing coin because, like the Gold Maple Leaf, it combines matte and shiny glossy finishes to make the 24 karat gold look really amazing.

China's Growing Economy and Consumer Demand For Gold Coins

It's amazing! You hear about it everywhere, China is growing very rapidly. Interestingly, consumers where not able to invest in gold bullion coins in China until the early 2000s. Since the government allowed it, consumer demand for gold in China has been rapidly increasing. Moreover, China's economy overall has been thriving. What does all of this mean for the Chinese Gold Panda? It means there's a huge consumer demand for the coin amongst Chinese citizens. It also means there's a huge global demand for the coin because of all the attention and focus on China. Who knows, this could become one of the most popular gold bullion coins in a few years due to China's global presence. My word of advice: I can't believe I waited so long to own this coin. I love it and will continue to buy more. I recommend you buy at least one of these awesome gold coins for your portfolio!

Like what you see? I also just purchased a brand new 2009 Silver Panda. As with my Gold Panda, I'm absolutely thrilled with this beautiful silver counterpart. Silver Chinese Pandas make super gifts, collectibles, and investments. Also, I just uploaded a new gold video that highlights my personal fractional gold coin collection. I'm very excited to feature my Gold Panda in the video!

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