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Updated: February, 2014

Thank you for visiting Gold Why. The purpose of this page is to inform you about advertisements on and how we earn commissions from these advertisements. Gold Why ( earns income from affiliate programs and third party advertisements. Specifically, you will notice that there are eBay, Commission Junction, and Google AdSense links on this site.

While we earn a commission from these affiliate programs, we take extreme pride in this site and do our absolute best to promote products that we personally own and enjoy. We always give our open and honest opinion in our reviews. Moreover, reviews on Gold Why are never influenced by our affiliate relationships (they are always open and unbiased). You may notice that many of our reviews are positive. The reason for this is we choose not to review products and stores we have had a negative experience with.

I Own Gold, Silver, and Copper

Before getting into the specific affiliate programs, I want to disclose that I personally own gold, silver, and copper bullion. I'm passionate about the metals I discuss on this site, and own many of them in my own collection/portfolio. Is An eBay Affiliate

You will notice throughout that there are links to eBay auctions. Some of the links are text links and others are actual "widgets" that portray items for sale on eBay. When you click these links to visit eBay, earns an affiliate commission. Often times, the links to eBay are in an article that reviews and promotes the product or store that is linked to. An example of this is our review of Tacoma Copper. Is A Commission Junction Affiliate participates in Commission Junction's affiliate program as well. We earn commissions by promoting, a store involved in Commission Junction's affiliate network. You can see examples of this in our review of Gov Mint. We have made multiple purchases from Gov Mint and provide our open and honest opinion in our reviews. Participates in Google's AdSense Program

Additionally, participates in Google's AdSense program. Throughout our site, you'll notice "Ads By Google". When someone clicks these ads, we are compensated with a commission. If you'd like to learn more about Google Ads and how they may leverage cookies, please thoroughly read's Privacy Policy. We have no control over the ads which are displayed by Google AdSense, however Google is well known for only displaying the most relevant advertisements to the user.

Please Read Our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy

Thank you for reading our disclosure. We also encourage you to read's Terms and Conditions and's Privacy Policy.

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