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Updated: October, 2009
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Franklin Silver Half Dollar Coins  
The image to the left depicts 20 Franklin silver half dollars. These coins were minted between 1948 and 1963 and are 90 percent silver. Each coin contains 0.36 ounces of silver content. I really like this image for a few reasons. First, investing in silver is all about diversification. There are so many silver coins to invest in. While it usually makes sense to go straight for mint tubes of silver eagles, I also suggest branching out into Franklin half dollars or even Mexican silver dollars. (As a side note, please read the article about the Mexican silver coins for more information on why diversification makes so much sense within your silver bullion coin portfolio.) The second reason I really like these coins is Gresham's Law

Silver Franklins Show Gresham's Law In Practice

Gresham's law states that bad money drives individuals to hoard good money. In this case our good money is the Franklin silver half dollars. The reason these half dollars are good is because they contain silver, a precious metal. Bad money in this example are modern day coins that do not contain precious metals. Over time, our coins have contained fewer and fewer precious metal content and now zero precious metal content. Due to Gresham's law, Americans have instinctively hoarded good coins because they know they contain real value. It's a lot of fun to own a piece of history and that's exactly what you're doing with an investment in Franklin silver half dollars. As a fun side note, the current value of copper bullion is causing pre-1982 pennies to disappear from circulation. To see another example of Gresham's law in practice, check our article about copper bullion.

Junk Silver Coin Bags

You will often hear Franklin silver half dollars referred to as junk silver coins. This just means that the junk versions are bought purely for their metal bullion value and not for numismatic investment; the junk versions are circulated coins. You can often find bags of junk bullion coins for sale that contain Franklins. This is a fun way to invest in silver bullion because you can sort through the bag and organize the coins how you see fit. Like in this picture, a terrific way to store your silver Franklins is to place them in plastic tubes which are easily purchased at your local coin shop.

New Five More High Resolution Pictures of Franklin Silver Half Dollars

As a new update to this article, I just created a sub-article featuring 5 beautiful high resolution pictures of Franklin silver half dollars. As you know from my article all about old US silver coins, I'm a big an of "junk" silver. After checking out these pictures, make sure to pick up a few silver Franklin half dollars for your silver bullion portfolio!
Pictures of Franklin Silver Half Dollars

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