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Author: Gold Why Webmaster
Date: December, 2007
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Tower of Gold Bullion Coins
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If I had one choice where to place my hard earned money, it would be very simple: gold bullion coins. The US Dollar is losing value by the day and our national debt keeps growing. The dollar is only backed by faith in the US government. I'm skeptical of the dollar and very concerned that inflation will continue. Inflation is very bad for someone like me who is working hard to save money because every dollar I save is worth less the next day.

Everyone Should Own At Least Some Gold

The easy solution is to invest in gold. Gold is the best hedge against inflation because it is a precious metal with intrinsic value. Other precious metals such as silver, platinum, and palladium make great hedges against inflation too. For this reason, my suggestion is for all responsible savers and investors to keep at least some portion of their hard earned savings in gold bullion, stored away safely in a safe deposit box.

Why Do Gold Coins Have A Textured Edge?

Another interesting gold coin fact: As you might have noticed, the pile of coins do not have an even, smooth edge. Rather the edge of the coins contain texture. The reason for this texture is to ensure that the coins retain their value. In the old days when gold coins were used as currency, people would shave off the edge of the coin to retain a portion of the gold. Over time, the value of the coins would get shaved away. With a textured edge, however, it's much more difficult to do this.

Accumulate Your Gold Slowly

It can be intimidating. A pile of gold coins like on the left can easily cost you thousands of dollars (and probably tens of thousands in the next few years as gold continues to appreciate). It's important to take things slowly. You don't need to accumulate a pile of gold coins overnight. Depending on your financial situation, it may take years to accumulate this amount of gold. However, if you start accumulating at least some gold right now, you are ahead of 99 percent of the population who unfortunately do not understand the importance and necessity of owning gold.

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