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Below are charts showing the current price of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium bullion. As an investor, I find it difficult not to follow the current price of precious metals. At the same time, the markets are very volatile. It's really the long term that matters and not short term price fluctuations. What if you buy now and then "lose" 25 percent of your investment, but double your money over the five year period? The prudent investor understands the difference between short term price fluctuations and long term wealth creation.

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When The Current Price of Gold Is Really Important

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There is one scenario when the current price quote is really important. That's when you're ready to buy gold bullion and/or shares in gold mining companies. You want to try to time your investments to the best of your ability. A low entry point always beats a high one. If gold and silver have recently rocketed to new levels, perhaps it makes the most sense to wait for a 10-20 percent pullback before pulling the trigger on your investment. If gold has already been at a depressed level for some time, perhaps it makes the most sense to buy before it's too late. Timing the market comes with practice, but picking a smart entry point is always a great help in maximizing your investment returns. Once you've pulled the trigger, stick to your plan and hold your gold investment for the long term. Also, don't feel bad if you can't time the market or make a market timing mistake. Most investors are not able to accurately time the market and the most important thing is taking steps toward your investment goals and pulling the trigger.

Always Have An Investment Plan

Before you make your investment in gold, precious metals, shares in gold mining companies, or really anything for that matter, it's very important to have a plan. The plan does not have to be complex. It's really just what you expect out of your investment in terms of returns and also how much you're willing to lose. Once you hit your target, sell. If your investment loses value and you have exceeded the maximum amount you are willing to lose, go ahead and sell. The best thing about having a plan is it eliminates emotions from the equation. Emotions are your worst enemy in investing. Gold is different from other investments in that you might not have a well defined strategy for selling. Rather, you may be holding as a hedge against inflation and as a store of wealth. This is an ok plan, just make sure going in that you stick to the plan and are comfortable observing fluctuations against paper currencies. Best of luck in your investments!

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