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Author: Gold Why Webmaster
Date: May, 2011
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I've been talking a lot about copper bullion lately! In fact, I personally consider Gold Why the number one resource for copper bullion on the Internet (although I am a bit biased). Most recently, I uploaded two HD quality copper videos, the most recent additions to my new video series. You'll definitely want to check out my large copper bullion bar video and also my small copper bullion bar video. As you may have guessed, today's question is all about copper bullion. However, it's very different from my other copper bullion topics here at Gold Why. Today we're going to talk about investing in copper cookware!

Question: What do you think of buying copper cookware, or other usable goods that are made predominately of precious or semi-precious metals?

Answer: I really like this question because it takes non-conventional investment vehicle (copper bullion) and makes it even more non-conventional! My quick answer: I'm not a huge fan of copper cookware, copper pans, copper pipes, and other similar items as investment vehicles. Why? There's really no liquid market for these (while there is, eBay, for two other alternatives discussed below). Sure, you may be able to pick them up cheap, but there's really no value unless you can sell them to other investors. Moreover, these items tend to be odd shapes, they're difficult to store, and they're difficult to transport in an emergency.

As a better alternative, I recommend hoarding pre-1982 copper pennies. If you buy $25 boxes of pennies from your local bank and sort through them (either manually or via penny sorting machine), you have a risk free way of accumulating copper bullion. The beauty of pennies: They are compact, easy to store, well recognized, and can always be redeemed for their face value in the worst case. Another alternative: Copper bullion bars. I offer a plethora of articles about copper bullion bars here on Gold Why and recommend checking out my review of The Copper Cave and Tacoma Copper as two great starting points. Copper bullion bars are a compact and elegant way to invest in copper. That said, copper bars can be expensive because they are difficult to make and most manufacturers these days are "mom and pop" type operations. Personally, I collect both pre-1982 copper pennies and copper bullion bars. I find that this two-tiered strategy is the ideal way to collect and invest in copper bullion.

Copper Cookware May Make Sense If You Are A Mint

Now, putting everything above aside, let's say you have the ability to mint copper bars. Or, let's say you plan on doing so in the future. This is the one case where it makes perfect sense to hoard copper cookware, copper pans, copper pipes, copper wire, and other scrap copper bullion. On its own, this junk copper has little resale value for the reasons listed above. However, if you're able to take scrap and turn it into beautiful bars, then we're talking about money. This could be the ideal strategy for creating value if you have a lot of time on your hands (and the skill to make this happen). One warning: Starting a copper mint operation is not easy.

Let's Say You're a Gold, Silver, and Copper Bullion Fan

As a closing thought, let's say you're like me - you collect and invest in gold, silver, and copper bullion coins and bars. You believe in the value of precious metals and the long term advantages precious metals offer any investor. Let's also say you're in the market for some new pots and cookware. In this case, by all means go for copper! This might be one more fun way to enjoy one of your favorite metals, in the day to day operations of your kitchen. Thanks again for your question, I sincerely appreciate it! Please keep the great questions coming!

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