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Author: Gold Why Webmaster
Date: September, 2009
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Question: What is your opinion regarding investing in pre-1964 Roosevelt dimes? From what I know they are 90% silver. Thanks.

Answer: Thanks for visiting Gold Why and thanks for the question! I'm a big an of Silver Roosevelt Dimes. You can actually see some brilliant uncirculated silver dimes from my personal collection in the picture to the left and below. One day I was at my local coin shop and I just had to buy these beautiful dimes! My coin shop typically carries silver dimes in circulated condition, but this was the first time they were selling them in brilliant uncirculated condition at really favorable prices.

According to Coinflation, these 1946-1964 silver dimes are worth about $1.24 each for their bullion value (they're 90% silver and 10% copper). If you have a key date or a coin graded in top condition, your coin may have numismatic value above and beyond this bullion value.

Now, aside from being silver bullion and looking absolutely awesome, why do I like these coins so much? It's actually really interesting. It all goes back to my philosophy about fractional gold coins. I really like fractional gold bullion coins for many reasons with the following two topping the list. (1) They're accessible. Gold is expensive these days and fractional coins are easier for people to buy. (2) They're more practical. If you ever want to sell or barter with your gold coins, the smaller denominations are going to be much more practical. Along these same lines, I'm a big proponent of Silver Roosevelt Dimes because they are government-issued fractional silver bullion coins. One troy ounce of silver bullion is currently valued at $17. I personally expect the price of silver to skyrocket. It's going to be very prudent to accumulate fractional silver bullion coins and the silver dime makes an ideal candidate.

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