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Updated: March, 2017
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If you've been reading Gold Why for a while, you know that many of my philosophies are different from your average gold site. This is something that stands out right away, especially when you read articles such as my tribute to copper bullion and my discussion of fractional gold coins. I like to think of my unique approach as a very good thing! I'm a huge advocate of the smaller gold buyer (I'm one myself) and my top goal is to provide informative, accurate, and actionable information, all while having a ton of fun! However, I'm thinking that this approach has also left many of my readers with more questions than before, especially when you start thinking about what to buy next (and in which order to prioritize your purchases). I'm super excited about my new gold store because it allows me to showcase my top 10 gold, silver, and copper recommendations in order of descending priority. Am I actually selling these items? No. Below, I'm actually highlighting auctions that are currently happening on eBay. As discussed in my introduction to buying gold on eBay, I'm a big fan of eBay as a bullion marketplace. Because Gold Why is an article-based site (and it's a one man late night operation), I'm simply not equipped to sell my own products at this time. However, I'm definitely equipped to provide my best suggestions on products to buy and hope you bookmark my new gold shop as your starting point for online gold, silver, and copper purchases! The Gold Why Store is separated into two parts. Part One on this page lists our top five recommended bullion products. After checking out this page, you'll want to visit Part Two of The Gold Why Shop for the second half of our recommended gold, silver, copper, and platinum bullion products.

Must Have Product # 1: Tenth Ounce Gold Bullion Coins

Buy Tenth Ounce Gold Coins on eBay

I absolutely love 1/10 oz gold bullion coins for both seasoned and new gold buyers. You can learn a bit about my passion for these tenth ounce gold coins in the following articles: fractional gold coins, pictures of my tenth ounce gold eagle, images of my 1/10 oz gold panda, and my tenth oz gold monkey. At a high level, I like tenth ounce gold coins because they are easy to store, hide, and transport. Moreover, as the price of gold continues to rise, they are more accessible to gold buyers. These days, I'm mainly buying tenth ounce gold coins in my own portfolio. It was a very easy decision to place 1/10 ounce fractional gold bullion coins at the absolute top of my gold store!

Must Have Gold Coin # 2: One Ounce Gold South African Krugerrand

Buy Gold Krugerrands on eBay

It's undeniable, the South African Krugerrand is one of the most readily recognized gold bullion coins worldwide. For that reason alone, it belongs in all gold bullion coin portfolios. The Krugerrand is the "original" gold bullion coin. Everyone has heard of the Krugerrand! Want to learn more? Check out pictures of 1 ounce Krugerrands and pictures of my personal half ounce Krugerrand. A very easy decision to place the 1 Oz Gold Krugerrand as the number two must have coin.

Must Have Gold Bullion Coin # 3: 1 Oz Canadian Gold Maple Leaf

Buy Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coins on eBay

As mentioned in the introduction, my Gold Why Store is a little unconventional and that's precisely what I like about it. The gold Canadian Maple Leaf has fallen out of favor a bit in recent years. It's a 24 karat coin that can scratch and dent more easily. On a "traditional" top 10 list, you would surely see other coins such as the Gold American Eagle ranking higher. However, not going to do that here! I've mentioned it many times on this site: I'm obsessed with the gold Maple Leaf. It's one of the most beautiful coins out there. Get your hands one (or several) of these coins and just keep them safe and sound in your safe deposit box. As long as you're careful, they'll stay in perfect condition! Want more? Check out pictures of 1 ounce Gold Maple Leaf coins and pictures of my personal quarter ounce Maple Leaf. It's hard to describe the absolute beauty of this coin without holding it in your own hand! From an investment perspective, it's important to diversify and hold some 24 karat gold coins to complement your 22 karat ones.

Must Have Silver Coin # 4: Mint Tube of Silver American Eagles

Buy Silver American Eagle Tubes on eBay

So if you've been shopping in the order of this list you now own a tenth ounce gold coin, a gold Krugerrand, and a gold Maple Leaf. That's a lot of gold. In the spirit of diversifying, it's a very easy decision to prioritize the mint tube of silver American Eagles next. Silver is really cheap right now in my opinion. It's a great time to start accumulating. It's actually amazing how far your dollar stretches when you're buying these mint tubes of Silver Eagles. Want more information? Check out images of my personal mint tube of Silver Eagles, images of a 1 oz silver American Eagle, and pictures of my Silver Eagle money clip.

Must Have Product # 5: Copper Bullion Bars

Buy Copper Bullion Bars on eBay

I talk about copper bullion bars so much, this site should almost be called Copper Why! I'm a huge fan of copper bullion. It's an accessible and fun way to accumulate a substantial amount of metal bullion. Moreover, it's a relatively cheaper purchase, making it the perfect candidate half way through our top 10 list (giving your wallet a break here). If you're new to copper bullion, there are a ton of great articles on this site to help you get started. Perhaps the easiest starting point is my introduction to copper bullion. In terms of specific vendors, I suggest starting off with a genuine Jetco USA copper bar. For your second copper bullion bar, I'm a huge fan of Tacoma Copper as well. However, there are just so many great choices! Don't forget about The Copper Cave, Market Harmony, and The Cohen Mint!

>> Next: Check Out Items 6 Through 10 in Part 2 of The Gold Why Store <<

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