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Updated: March, 2011
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The Heaviest Copper Bullion Bar In My Collection

I recently went on a spending rampage buying up several metal bullion bars by Jetco USA. I already highlighted my one kilo bronze bullion bar and my one kilo brass bullion bar. Today, I'm going to highlight the heaviest metal bullion bar in my collection, my hefty 5 pound copper bullion bar from Jetco Metals. Just check out the pictures below! The bar takes up my entire hand and is quite impressive.

A Beautiful Copper Bullion Bar - They All Are!

Jetco Metals offers a plethora of different metal bullion bars these days. The bars span many different base metals and also many different shapes and sizes. If you're a collector, buying all bars in the lineup can be quite a project! The one common trait behind all Jetco bars is their absolute high quality as investment grade metal bullion ingots. Once you start buying Jetco bars, you will be a repeat customer for sure!

NEW: I just uploaded an HD quality video that highlights my large Jetco copper bullion bars. My video highlights the huge 5 pound Jetco copper bullion bar featured in this article and I highly recommend checking out my new copper bullion bars video once you're done reading this article.

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Three Pictures of Five Pound Copper Bullion Bar By Jetco Metals

Five Pounds Copper Bullion

Jetco 5 Pound Copper Bar

Jetco Large Five Pound Copper Ingot

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