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Updated: February, 2011
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Mint Tube of 2007 US Silver Eagle Bullion Coins  
Depicted to the left is one of my favorite silver bullion investments, a United States mint tube containing 20 one ounce American Silver Eagles. American Silver Eagles belong in all silver bullion portfolios. The reason I like the mint tubes so much is they are the most efficient way to accumulate silver eagles. Each tube is clear on the side so you can count the number of coins in the tube via the side profile. The tube cap is green and says United States Mint. The tubes keep the coins in super condition and are excellent for storage. New: When you're done reading this article, you'll also want to check out my brand new Silver Eagle Video. In this video, I showcase my mint tube of Silver Eagles!

How To Store Silver Bullion Coins?

The current price of gold is roughly $850 per ounce. The current price of silver is around $16 per ounce. This means you need 53 silver bullion coins to equal the value of just one gold bullion coin. This example is interesting for two main reasons. First, silver has a long way to go. At only $16 per ounce, the current bull precious metals market is most definitely not priced in and silver should rally much higher. This means silver is a great precious metal to continue to accumulate as an investment and store of wealth.

Second, it is much more difficult to store silver than gold. Gold is a super investment because it is very easily transported. You can store a lifetime of wealth in your pocket. Silver, on the other hand, requires careful storage. As you accumulate more and more silver, you will need a system for storing the coins so you don't lose them and also so they don't tarnish. While gold does not tarnish, silver requires careful storage to minimize the effects of aging. (As a side note, if your coins do tarnish, definitely do not try to clean them. You will do more harm than good and only professionals should be trusted with cleaning coins.) Mint tubes of silver eagles are an answer to our prayers: They provide the perfect system for managing your growing silver collection. Each tube contains 20 coins, period. The coins are guaranteed by the US government. The tubes fit very nicely into your safe deposit box and guarantee there will be no loose coins floating around that you could potentially lose. This is much easier than handling loose silver coins. Another great way to achieve a similar result is to invest in silver bullion bars. I highly favor tubes of American eagles, however, because they can be opened and sold individually at some point in the future but it is much more difficult to break down a silver bar.

Buy A Tube Each Year

One great thing about American Silver Eagles is that they are not only a bullion investment but may become a numismatic investment, especially if you buy mint tubes. There are two concepts of numismatics that are important here. First, there are key coin dates. As time passes, certain years will emerge as key years to own. If you buy a tube each year, you are guaranteed to own all years and participate in the numismatic upside involved in owning key years. What if a certain year becomes worth a lot of money? Then, you can sell it at a premium and take your money to buy bullion coins for their metal concept. What a great strategy!

The second numismatic concept that comes into effect here is grading. Grading is an indication of how perfect your coins are. The higher the grading, the more the coin is worth. There are two very popular grading companies: PCGS and NGC. The designation "MS70" indicates a coin that grades perfectly and these coins sell at a premium. If you buy mint tubes of silver eagles, you are almost guaranteed to get some coins that grade at the MS70 level over the years. The key here is to leave your tubes unopened. If you open them, you are likely to damage your coins and hurt the grading. At some time in the future, if you wish to get your coins graded, I suggest bringing the unopened fresh tubes to a professional that can help you.

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