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Updated: March, 2011
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1 Kilo Copper Bullion Bar From The Metal Mint As you know, I'm a big fan of The Metal Mint. In addition to Jetco and The Copper Cave, they have taken the copper and metal bullion market by storm. The reason I particularly like The Metal Mint is they keep expanding their portfolio of metals and products. Their product lineup now spans all types of metals including copper, brass, stainless steel, and silver just to name a few. Also, their lineup spans all sizes of bars and most recently coins too! (As a side note, I just ordered one of their silver rounds and will be reviewing it shortly.) The topic of today's sub-article is a highlight of my 1 kilo copper bullion bar from The Metal Mint. As you can see from the picture on the left, it's quite a handsome bar.

June, 2009 News Flash: The Metal Mint Is Closed

Unfortunately, The Metal Mint is now officially closed. They will be fulfilling all outstanding orders but are not taking on any new orders. You can learn more about this breaking update in my review of The Metal Mint. I will be preserving this article and leaving all the details from before, but a lot of it is now outdated since you cannot buy this one kilo copper bullion bar directly from The Metal Mint anymore.

The Metal Mint Provides A Cheap Way To Accumulate Copper Bullion Bars

Something worth highlighting right away: The Metal Mint provides cost effective bullion bars. Many of the bars out there are quite expensive these days with prices ranging from $20 to $50 or more for one kilo of copper bullion. Despite the "price" of copper going down, the real price of investment grade copper ingots is holding strong. This is no mystery to me: The "price" quoted per pound of copper is all based on paper futures contracts. However, there is a very limited supply of small investment grade copper bullion ingots. Thus, the price for copper bars like the one pictured to the left has been quite healthy as you might expect in a bad economy where investors are hungry for tangible real assets instead of paper assets. (As a comparison, we are seeing a very similar phenomenon in gold bullion. The actual availability of physical gold bullion in quantity is much more scarce than the price of gold currently reflects.) Despite all of the excitement in the copper bullion market right now, The Metal Mint provides a great bar for a great price. You can grab this bar pictured to the left for only $16.50 right now on their website (not including shipping costs). Looking to stockpile a reserve of 1 kilo copper bullion bars? I highly recommend including a healthy percentage of ones by The Metal Mint because they are affordable in an overall market where copper investment bars are in very high demand.

This One Kilo Copper Bullion Bar Has Rounded Edges

One thing I really like about my 1 kilo copper bar from The Metal Mint is its rounded edges. This is actually characteristic of other bars by The Metal Mint as well (just check out my 5 ounce copper bar in the parent article to this one). Every mint has its own "thing" and The Metal Mint has rounded edges. I personally find this really cool and like the overall look of these bars.

More Details on My Ingot

As you can see in the image above, the obverse of my copper bar says "The Metal Mint". It also includes the date, 2009, which is really neat because it provides a great way to collect and track your bars over the years. It also indicates that the bar is copper, .999 fine, and made in the USA. Overall, a nice looking bar for the price. Could I get a better looking bar for more money? Yes, this is possible. At the end of the day, however, if you're an investor copper is copper. The way I think about it is this copper bar is like the Krugerrand of copper bullion whereas a more "premium" bar like some of Jetco's are like the Gold Buffalo of the copper market. Both have a place in your overall portfolio for different reasons. Moreover, even within The Metal Mint's family of products, they have bars of all varieties. Want to check out the huge variety of neat products that The Metal Mint Sells? Make sure to check out their eBay Store which I happen to frequent quite a bit! One thing is for sure: The Metal Mint has built a strong position in the overall copper bullion market with no signs of looking back. I'm a repeat customer, really like their management team, and am always happy with my orders. I highly recommend them!

Want to see even more of my 1 kilo copper bullion bar? You are in luck! I just uploaded a HD quality video that highlights my large copper bullion bars, including this one from The Metal Mint. Make sure to check out my brand new copper bars video.

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