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Author: Gold Why Webmaster
Date: March, 2017
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Hey everyone, it's been a while. I'm back! Those who follow my Gold Why YouTube Channel have enjoyed some fun gold, silver, and copper stacking videos over the past few years. If you haven't checked out my YouTube channel, I highly recommend heading over the right now (or at least after you finish reading this article). While my YouTube channel is growing, new articles here on my website have not been happening. All I can say is I'm thrilled to be back.

Today's post is all about my Gold British Sovereign Coins. Today, I want to share my personal journey purchasing these two incredible gold bullion coins. I absolutely love these coins. As you can see in the pictures below (end of article), I purchased two Gold Sovereigns from APMEX, one from 1928 and one form 1981. While there are many websites online where you can research the specifics of these beautiful gold bullion coins, today I want to share some of my personal insights. I want to share what these coins mean to me.

The Perfect Size

Those who have been reading Gold Why for a while probably know that I love fractional gold bullion coins. Why? As a smaller time gold stacker, I don't always have a ton of disposable funds to purchase gold. However, I always like to have a pulse on the market. I like to buy and dollar cost average in over time. Fractional gold bullion coins allow me to buy when I don't have enough money for a full, one troy ounce gold coin.

Additionally, I like variety in my portfolio. I like to diversify my gold bullion. I'd rather buy a few different coins (fractional ones) vs. a single larger coin. Last, I just like the smaller size. They are more transportable. They are a better size should I ever need to use my gold for purchases.

British Sovereigns are wonderful fractional gold bullion coins, the perfect size. Containing .2354 troy ounces of gold each, these fractional coins are very close in size and weight to your standard quarter ounce gold bullion coins. I love fractional gold bullion coins of all sizes, but have to say that those coins in this quarter ounce category (or close to it, in the case of Sovereings) are my favorite. They are not so small that they are difficult to see. However, they're not so big that they come with a hefty price tag.

British Sovereigns Are Fractional Gold Bullion Coins

I want to repeat my last point: Gold British Sovereign Coins are fractional gold bullion coins. Sometimes, I think us gold stackers tend to favor the fractional gold coins that have their gold content stamped on them. For example, fractional Gold American Eagles and fractional Krugerrands have their actual gold content stamped on them. However, that's not the case with British Sovereigns. Unless you specifically know the gold content (.2354 troy ounces of gold each), you may not readily know their gold content. As a result, I sometimes think gold stackers (at least myself) forget that Sovereigns are, in fact, fractional gold bullion coins. I cannot believe I waited so long to long to pick up Sovereigns myself. Now that I own two of them, I can clearly see that these will become a premier component of my fractional gold bullion portfolio.

Gold British Sovereigns Are A Piece of History

The coins I own have roots dating back to 1817. These coins are a true piece of history. Just think about it: While one of my Sovereigns is modern and uncirculated (1981), the other is from 1928 (and looks like it has some light circulation on it). That's a long time ago. I find it fascinating that I own a coin that was in someone else's pocket, in historic times. While my goal is stacking gold bullion, I like to have fun while doing it. I like to collect while being a gold bullion stacker. In fact, when I make purchases from APMEX, I always request (in the notes section) older date coins. Often times, I get what I want (as in the case of my 1928 Sovereign).

Also worth noting: The monarch on the obverse of each Sovereign changes over time, based on the reigning monarch at the time. It's so fun to collect a gold bullion coin that changes over time. This coin documents history.

Sovereigns Are Inexpensive

I have been making a variety of purchases from APMEX recently and am quite happy with their selection and service. Both of my Gold Sovereigns are from APMEX. Right now, APMEX is offering Sovereigns as low as $17.99 per coin over spot. As someone who's been slowly but steadily buying gold and silver over the years, I have learned that it's really important to stretch my dollars. I would say this is a point that I have been stressing even more over the last year. I only have so much money. In fact, I would say I'm probably one of the more budget-constrained gold stackers. However, that's ok. What really matters is time and persistence. What also matters is getting a great deal on my precious metals. With Sovereigns, that is totally the case. By minimizing the dealer's markup over spot, I get to stretch my gold dollars as far as possible. If you're looking to stretch your dollars, you may want to consider adding some British Sovereigns to your portfolio.

Gold Sovereigns Are Sturdy

There are those out there who prefer 24 karat gold. There are others that prefer 22 karat gold. Gold Sovereigns offer .2354 troy ounces of gold weight at .9167 purity, making them 22 karat gold. Rather than take sides, I like to have both 22 karat and 24 karat gold coins in my personal gold stack. I like having 22 karat gold because it's durable, and resists scratching and denting. I like 24 karat gold because of its amazing color, shine, and purity. I always feel like I have to be super careful with my 24 karat gold, however. If you're looking to have a balanced portfolio like me (both 22 karat and 24 karat gold) or like 22 karat exclusively, British Sovereigns could be great for you.

Closing Out

Over time, I expect to purchase more Sovereigns. I really love London and British History. I feel like these coins allow me to own a piece of history at a great premium over spot. They are close to being one quarter troy ounces of gold, making them the ideal size and weight for me (perhaps my favorite size gold bullion coin). Over time, I hope to own a variety of British Sovereigns with a variety of different monarchs on them (how much fun). I will likely keep buying from APMEX because of the low premium and their strong stock of Sovereigns (don't always see them elsewhere). Everyone, I hope you enjoyed today's article and please check back. I have some more fun articles on the way! And, don't forget to check out the pictures of my Sovereigns below.

Pictures of My Pesonal Gold Sovereigns

Gold British Sovereign Coins

Gold Bullion British Sovereigns

Video of My Gold Sovereign Coins

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