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Author: Gold Why Webmaster
Date: September, 2014
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If you've been reading Gold Why for a while, I think you're really going to enjoy this post. It's a blast from the past and all about Maui Trade Dollars, one of my favorite collectible coins of all time! You may remember that I wrote about Maui Trade Dollars a few years back. Well, I just got back from another Maui vacation and another opportunity to purchase stunning Maui Trade Dollars. I sure got some great ones this time around and can't wait to share them with you. I absolutely love Maui Trade Dollars, just as much as I love Maui, Hawaii itself!

Before we get started, however, some updates on my end... I know I haven't been posting as much here on Gold Why. The duties of my job have been very consuming. Free time has been scarce. However, I'm committed to this site and my passion for gold, silver, and copper bullion. While the flow of new articles is slow, I do hope you find the new ones fun, interesting, entertaining, and insightful. I also invite you to visit my Gold Why YouTube Channel. I have been uploading some new videos to my channel and have more in the pipeline. Make sure to head on over and subscribe so you never miss a new video. As someone who types a lot at work, my hands and wrists can only take so much. As such, I have found video to be a superb way to share my passion for precious metals and collectibles without typing! If you've been reading for a long time, I thank you for your dedication to Gold Why, it means the world to me. Now, back to Maui Trade Dollar land...

This Post Vs. My Prior Post

In an effort to keep things new and incremental, I'm not going to go over basics about Maui Trade Dollars because the basics are covered in my previous article. Today, I'll discuss some new findings and perspectives! Special Note: Make sure to read through the entire article, the best part (the pictures and a video) are at the end!

Maui Trade Dollars Are Still In Production

My most exciting finding: Trade Dollars are still in production! When I last visited Maui, I was under the impression at 2011 was the last year of production. As such, I fully expected that I would be buying old trade dollars this time around, and that it would be a little more difficult finding them. It never felt better to be wrong! Maui Trade Dollars are alive and strong. I first noticed that the ABC store had Maui Trade Dollars when my wife pointed them out. Upon seeing that the years featured were 2012, 2013, and 2014 my day went from excellent to amazing! I quickly picked up all three years. (ABC store also had the 2007-2011 collector's series hat I already own from my last trip.)

Fascinating note: My 2012 Maui Trade Dollar is not reeded. The edges are smooth. The informational card that comes with my 2012 coin, however, says that the edges are reeded. Seems like a mistake was made this year? All other Trade Dollars in my collection are reeded. I wonder if the 2012 year was a transitional time for Maui Trade Dollars? It also appears after 2012 Maui Trade Dollars are minted by Bex Engraving, while 2012 and before they went with National Mint of America. In any event, I'm sure happy they are still around!

My 2014 Silver Proof Maui Trade Dollar

Here's where thing get really cool... Knowing that Maui Trade Dollars are alive and well, we went to the Maui Ocean Center gift shop, the best gift shop on Maui (in my opinion). You don't have to pay to get into the Maui Ocean Center to go there, you can get a special pass (for free) just to visit the gift shop. I highly recommend enjoying the full Maui Ocean Center experience (it's amazing), but we have already been there several times, and arrived at the Ocean Center late in the day.

At the gift shop, I picked up a beautiful 2014 silver proof Maui Trade Dollar. I cannot explain how excited I am about this piece of artwork. My coin is one troy ounce of pure silver. It comes in a special collector's case, which carries a great informational card. Can you believe, the mintage for this coin is only 1,500? (This is even lower than the 2,500 mintage of my 2010 silver Maui Trade Dollar, featured in my previous article about Trade Dollars.) This is a true collector's dream. The coin itself comes in a protective plastic capsule, which will keep my coin in beautiful proof condition forever. 2014 features a cool Tiki on the coin. Another amazing feature of this coin: It's reeded but part of the reed is interrupted with the serial number. If you look close, you can see the particular number (out of the 1,500 mintage). Of course, all of this comes with a price tag. This time around, I paid $140, but that's a small price to pay for a treasure I will cherish forever. I love Maui Trade Dollars, and 2014 is particularly special because I visited Maui this very year.

If you're looking to start, build, or round out your Maui Trade Dollar collection, I highly encourage visiting the Maui Ocean Center. They have many old dates for: the standard coins, the collector's sets, the silver coins (like the one just discussed), and the gold plated coins (don't personally own any of these, yet). It looks like you can also buy some of these online via their website too!

Thank You Maui Trade Dollar Association

When you buy Maui Trade Dollars, you are buying a treasure. You are also investing in Maui, Hawaii. Did you know, a portion of your purchase goes towards Maui education and non-profit organizations via the Maui Trade Dollar Association? Art Olsen (the genius behind Maui Trade Dollars and the Trade Dollar Association) has built an amazing thing here, and for that I thank him and his entire team. I personally value these Trade Dollars incredibly and can't wait to visit Maui again to buy even more!

Pictures of My Maui Trade Dollars

2014 Silver Maui Trade Dollar Obverse

2014 Silver Maui Trade Dollar Reverse

2012 2013 2014 Maui Trade Dollars (Obverse)

2012 2013 2014 Maui Trade Dollars (Reverse)

Maui Trade Dollars Packaging

New: My Maui Trade Dollar Video

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