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Updated: August, 2009
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Three Nickel Bullion Bars  
To the left are three nickel bullion bars I just purchased from E Cohen Mint. I'm really excited about today's article for a few reasons. First, I have been buying a lot of base metal ingots and bars lately. After starting out with copper bullion, I now also own aluminum bullion, bronze bullion, brass bullion, stainless steel bullion, and now nickel bullion. The hobby of investing in exotic base metal ingots keeps expanding and it's so much fun! Second, I'm really excited about today's article because just look at the picture to the left. The bars are beautiful. (Also, my photography skills keep improving.) Third, I'm really happy to showcase another exciting E Cohen Mint product.

Nickel Is A Great Metal To Hoard

It was just a few months ago that a pre-1982 copper penny was worth 2 cents! Copper prices (and the prices of most base metals) have fallen recently due to the global recession we are facing. Similarly, the metal value of a US 5 cent nickel was 6 cents just a few months ago. It has fallen just like copper, but not for long in my opinion. Next to copper, nickel is one of the best metals out there to hoard. Precious metals investors (gold, silver, platinum, and palladium) are quickly recognizing the importance of base metals as part of their tangible metals portfolio. All metals are better and more tangible than fiat money. Copper bullion and nickel bullion are the two most favored metals because of their huge industrial uses and also availability in US coins.

Hoarding US 5 Cent Nickels

Until recently, one of the only easy was to accumulate nickel bullion would be to hoard US 5 cent nickels. I must admit that I keep all of my pocket change. I'm careful to separate the coins into separate different buckets such as quarters, nickels, dimes, copper pennies (pre-1982), and zinc pennies (post-1982). Periodically, I will return the quarters, dimes, and zinc pennies to the bank. However, I always keep the nickels and copper pennies. This has been a super easy way to hoard nickel bullion and copper bullion.

5 Cent Nickel Bullion
© – pomortzeff
Until recently, that was really the only option for hoarding nickel bullion unless you are really good with metals and are able to negotiate directly with mints and industrial producers of nickel bars. Now, for a potentially limited time, there is an amazing alternative: Nickel bullion bars from E Cohen Mint.

Buy Nickel Bullion Bars From E Cohen Mint

The picture above and to the left are my three brand new one troy ounce nickel bullion bars from E Cohen Mint. I often visit E Cohen Mint's Website because they launch brand new products regularly. Just a week or so ago, I was surprised to see beautiful limited edition nickel bullion bars. I immediately purchased three of them. I have made several purchases from E Cohen Mint and recommend you check out my review of E Cohen Mint and also my very special interview with E Cohen Mint. They shipped these nickel bullion bars very fast and I received them within one week. The bars are not only a great collectible but they are simply beautiful. They have quite a nice clean shine and also feature the E Cohen Mint logo on the front with "One OZ Troy" and "Nickel 200" on the obverse. At less than $10 each, it's hard to pass up such a great opportunity.

Canadian Nickels - 99.9% Nickel Bullion

As mentioned above, it's easy to keep the US nickels that you get in your pocket change. However, these only contain 25% nickel (and 75% copper). Want a coin that contains 99.9% nickel? You'll want to collect Canadian Nickels produced between 1955 and 1981. Living in the US, there was no easy way to accumulate these, until now... I recently purchased a one pound bag of Canadian Nickels from The Copper Cave by Susquehanna Hobbies. I'm super happy with my purchase (as I always am with The Copper Cave) and you'll want to make sure to read all about my experience and view pictures of my Canadian nickels.

Start Hoarding Nickel Bullion and Base Metals

It's a very rough economy right now. Moreover, base metals are experiencing very low prices. I personally believe the dip in base metal prices is temporary but of course this is just my personal opinion and I'm not an investment advisor. I know one thing is for sure, people are hoarding items of tangible value in the rough economy. US 5 cent nickels are a no brainer. You will always be able to get at least 5 cents for them, the face value that you paid for your "investment." Nickel bullion bars are an excellent way to complement your 5 cent nickel collection. They give you a quick way to collect more nickel faster. The actions the US Government is taking can only increase inflation over the long term. The Federal Reserve has lowered interest rates to all time lows. As inflation kicks in, you can take great comfort in hedging your bets with physical metals, including nickel bullion.

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