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Author: Gold Why Webmaster
Date: October, 2009
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There's no doubt about it, one ounce gold bullion bars are neat. In the parent article to this one, I give an introduction to 1 oz gold bars. This article builds upon that one featuring several large images of various one troy ounce gold bars. It's very tempting to buy gold bars, especially after viewing these amazing images. My advice to you: Make sure you only buy if you get an assay certificate. I purchased a 1 oz Johnson Matthey gold bar but am a little disappointed I did this without getting an assay certificate. Want to learn even more about gold bars? You may wish to check out my articles about 1 kilo gold bars and Credit Suisse Gold Bars too. I hope you enjoy these pictures!

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Picture 1: Two Beautiful One Ounce Gold Bullion Bars (I Love the Uniqueness of These Bars)

Real 1 Oz Gold Bullion Bar
© – lissart

Picture 2: One Troy Ounce Gold Ingots

1 Troy Oz Gold Ingots
© – lissart

Picture 3: 1 Troy Oz 9999 Fine Gold Bars

One Ounce 9999 Gold Bullion Bars
© – 270770

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