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Updated: October, 2009
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St Gaudens Gold Coin
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The Saint Gaudens $20 United States gold coin is one of the most beautiful gold coins in the world. It is often cited as the most beautiful coin in the history of the United States. Designed by Augustus Saint Gaudens, each coin is 1 troy ounce in total weight, with 0.90 troy ounces of fine gold. Minted between 1907 and 1933, these coins get into the topic of numismatics.

Numismatics Versus Bullion

Numismatics are coins that are bought for their rare collector value. They are worth more than their raw metal melt value because of rarity and importance in the coin collector community. Bullion however means that the coins are simply traded for their gold metal value. While Krugerrands are the most popular bullion coin, Saint Gaudens double eagles are one of the most popular numismatics coins. After you have accumulated a position in gold bullion coins, I recommend the Saint Gaudens as a terrific first step in numismatics. Saint Gaudens gold coins are so well respected, they are likely to always retain their value and appreciate over time.

Hedging Against Gold Confiscation

In an attempt to stabilize the US dollar, gold was confiscated from individual owners in 1933. Those smart enough to hoard gold bullion to hedge their personal savings against a falling dollar were forced to sell their gold back to the US government for pennies on the dollar. It really is unfair that those with the intelligence to invest in gold were penalized this way. I see a similar situation forming these days. The dollar is weaker than ever and things are only going to get worse before they get better. Because of the weak dollar, I am avoiding the dollar and instead suggest placing hard earning savings in gold coins, gold stocks, silver coins, silver stocks, foreign investments, oil, real estate, and shares in companies that can raise prices with inflation. A large concern among many bullion investors is the potential scenario of the government confiscating gold again. While it seems unlikely, this is where the Saint Gaudens comes into play. The government is unlikely to confiscate rare numismatics. Numismatics may be the only easy way to avoid a potential future confiscation and that is why every bullion collector should have at least some percentage of his or her portfolio in numismatics. There is no better place to start than the gold Saint Gaudens. One closing note on hedging against confiscation: My personal advice is to buy affordable numismatic coins. Certain versions of the Saint Gaudens have traded in the several million dollar range. If you goal is to have a small percentage of your portfolio in numismatics to hedge against confiscation, make sure to buy coins with a lower grade rating so you pay no more than a 50 percent premium over the gold metal content of the coin.

New More Large Pictures of Gold Saint Gaudens Coins

Want to see more beautiful Pictures of Gold Saint Gaudens coins? I just created a new sub-article that features 4 high resolution images of this neat coin. I personally don't own a Saint Gaudens $20 gold coin just yet, but it's definitely at the top of my list. In my opinion, all gold coin portfolios definitely need this coin!
Pictures of Gold Saint Gaudens

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