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Author: Gold Why Webmaster
Date: April, 2011
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Have you seen my recent video of my large copper bullion bars? If not, I highly recommend checking it out! That video showcases my large, heavy copper bullion bars, mainly my bars from Jetco Metals. Today's video is part 2 (of 2) from my copper bullion bar video series and highlights my smaller copper bullion bars. I'm pleased that Gold Why has emerged as the Internet's authority on copper bullion and am thrilled about today's video. The bars in today's video are stunning!

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My 5 Ounce Copper Bar From The Metal Mint

I'm a huge fan of The Metal Mint. The first bar I showcase in today's video is my 5 ounce copper bullion bar from The Metal Mint. Unfortunately, The Metal Mint is no longer in business. That said, they produced a ton of copper bars when they were in business and you can find their copper bars on eBay (on the secondary market). Also, there exist other bars on the market these days (by copper bullion mints currently in business) that resemble The Metal Mint bars quite closely. I'm mainly referring to bars from Bullion Copper - a neat mint that I'm going to review on Gold Why in the future!

Market Harmony Copper Bullion Bars Rock!

After showcasing my bar from The Metal Mint, I transition into a variety of bars from Market Harmony. I share my copper pyramid, flat bar, loaf, and ingot. Market Harmony is an amazing copper bullion bar mint. After watching today's video, I highly recommend checking my exclusive Market Harmony Interview and Market Harmony Bullion Pictures. I truly enjoy these bars from Market Harmony because they are all custom and unique. The owner of Market Harmony, Michael, is an amazing person and places so much dedication in his work. As you can see, the bars are works of art! Ready to purchase copper bullion bars from Market Harmony? Check out The Copper Cave - this is where I purchased all my Market Harmony bars.

Shire Post Mint and Australian Kangaroo Copper

I close out today's video with a unique and interesting copper bullion round from Shire Post Mint and also a small Australian Copper Bar. Both of these items are one ounce of copper bullion each. As the price of copper bullion keeps rising, I'm particularly interested in picking up smaller copper bullion rounds and bars, like these two. Like what you see? Don't forget to check out my large copper bar video and also my copper bullion page - the Internet's starting place for copper bullion! Thanks so much for visiting Gold Why and for your support!

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