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Author: Gold Why Webmaster
Updated: September, 2010
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Hello Gold Why readers! Today is a really special day for me: It's time for Gold Why's very first video. You heard me right, Gold Why now offers high quality videos to complement our awesome articles and pictures. I launched Gold Why as a fun site back in December, 2007. Since then, my site has grown exponentially thanks to you. My site now gets thousands of visits per month and is one of the leading online destinations about gold, silver, and copper bullion. I know my exclusive gold videos will now take things to the next level! You can watch my first video by simply clicking play below, but I'll also go through a text overview of my video as well. Also, please don't forget to friend me and subscribe to the Gold Why YouTube Channel. Thanks again for your support, I truly appreciate it!

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I'm a Huge Fan of Fractional Gold Bullion Coins

A while back, I wrote an article all about fractional gold coins. As you may know from that article and also my praise for smaller gold coins such as the twentieth ounce gold Maple Leaf, I'm a huge fan of fractional gold bullion coins. Why? It's easy: The price of gold is making one ounce gold coins cost prohibitive. Not only is it easier to buy fractional gold coins (they're cheaper), but they're going to become more and more desirable as investors and collectors take an increased interest. More than anything, small gold coins are just plain fun! They offer you to opportunity to really diversify your collection amongst many different coins.

I Like Collecting a Wide Variety of Gold Coins

If you've been around here for a while, you may also know that I'm a huge fan of diversification. Early on, I wrote an article about diversifying within your gold coin collection. There are many reasons for diversification, but my absolute favorite one is the "fun" aspect of everything. I love collecting gold bullion coins because it's an investment I can truly enjoy. Now, consider larger gold bullion coins. You may only be able to afford one or two 1 oz gold coins. However, for the same money, you could own a wide array of smaller gold coins. My take: Go for the smaller coins, you'll be able to establish a more diversified collection that you'll truly enjoy.

An Overview of My Collection: Gold Eagle, Gold Krugerrand, Gold Maple Leafs, & my Gold Panda

Throughout Gold Why, I showcase my personal gold coin collection. Now, I'm going to tell you: I'm on a budget and I don't have the largest collection. As a young professional, I work very hard to pay the bills. I have been very fortunate, however, over the years to be able to stash away a little extra money to collect gold coins. For today's video, I took my personal coin collection out of my safe deposit box for your viewing pleasure. Specifically, I showcase 5 of my absolute favorite (and most valuable) coins: my 1 oz Gold Eagle, half ounce Krugerrand, qurater ounce Maple Leaf, tenth ounce Chinese Panda, and twentieth ounce Maple Leaf. I truly hope you enjoy my collection!

I'm Excited To Share More Videos Soon

To close out, I truly encourage you to watch my video! Like what you see? Make sure to check back frequently as I'll be uploading several more gold videos in coming months. In fact, I just uploaded a new video of my silver art bar and round collection. Also, I encourage you to sign up for the Gold Why Newsletter. Newsletter subscribers will be the first to know about future videos. Thanks again for your support - I'm truly excited about taking Gold Why to the next level!

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