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Author: Gold Why Webmaster
Date: September, 2010
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Hey Everyone! I'm very excited today to share my second Gold Why video! If you liked my last gold coins video, you're going to love this one! Today, I'm excited to share with you my personal silver art bar and silver art round collection. I'm a huge fan of silver art bars! Additionally, I use this video to review two of my favorite online silver bullion stores, the two stores where I purchased my silver art bars and rounds (River City Coins and The Copper Cave)! However, before we start, I want to encourage you to subscribe to the Gold Why YouTube Channel. Thanks so much for your support!

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My Personal Silver Art Bar Collection

Over the last two years, I have purchased a plethora of silver art bars. Why? I've gotten a bit tired of your standard silver coins (such as Silver American Eagles). Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love Silver American Eagles. At the same time, I've got enough of them and want to diversify a bit into other types of silver bars and rounds. Silver art bars have given me a great way to invest in silver bullion while collecting something really cool and different! I share a wide variety of silver art bars in my video including: Winter 1973, Spring 1973, Nemo's, Knotts Berry Farm, Blanchard and Company, and so many more. Once you're done with the video, I encourage you to check out pictures of my silver art bars. On this page, you can see may of my personal collection in great detail with information about each individual silver art bar.

My Personal Silver Art Round Collection

I also share some of my favorite silver art rounds in this video. In particular I highlight my Dick Tracy and Camel silver rounds. Also, I throw in a few awesome silver casino tokens for fun. I actually started running out of time towards the end of the video so I keep the segment about my silver art round collection a bit shorter. Perhaps next time, I'll do a whole video about silver art rounds! After watching the video, I encourage you to check out pictures of my silver art rounds. On this page, I go into some great detail about my favorite silver art rounds.

River City Coins and The Copper Cave Are Awesome Coin Shops

What's my favorite part of this video? I get to do a video review of two of my favorite coin shops, the very two shops where I purchased most of my silver art bars and silver art rounds! The first shop I review is River City Coins and Jewelry. River City is an amazing coin store where I purchased most of my silver art bars and rounds. I even purchased some other coins there such as my 1986 Mexican Onza. It's funny: I can literally spend hours on River City's website, their selection is so amazing!

The second coin store I review is The Copper Cave. As you may know, I'm the biggest fan of copper bullion around! I've purchased many copper bullion bars from The Copper Cave. (As a side note, this wouldn't be Gold Why if I didn't do a video about copper bullion. My next video will be all about copper.) What you may not know, however, is that The Copper Cave now offers an impressive selection of silver bars. I bought a really great Johnson Matthey Silver Bar from The Copper Cave, and an Englehard Silver Bar too! I can't say enough great stuff about The Copper Cave and River City Coins. After watching my video, check them out and buy with confidence!

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