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Updated: September, 2012
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My Personal Jetco Copper Collection
This site is all about precious metals, with a very heavy focus on gold bullion. At the same time, I cannot deny the rally happening in base metals as well. After you have a core position in precious metals, branching out into some base metals such as copper, aluminum, bronze, brass, and lead may make some sense. If you are interested in exotic bullion bars in base metals, there is no better place to make your purchase than Jetco Minting. They are the pioneers and leaders in beautiful base metal bullion bars. (Recent update to this article: Check out pictures of my Jetco copper bar collection.)

Why Invest In Base Metals?

The US dollar is facing heavy inflation. Our Federal Reserve messed up. They lowered interest rates too far in the late 90s and early 2000s causing an unprecedented housing bubble and extremely risky lending. They are now faced with a conundrum. Raise rates to stifle inflation and the bubble bursts and the economy breaks down. Or, Leave rates at low levels (and even lower them more) to save the economy but introduce rampant inflation. The Fed has chosen option two. This is the main reason I feel an investment in precious metals and commodities makes so much sense. Each day the dollar is worth less and if you don't protect your savings, you will have much less wealth and purchasing power over time. Base metals are simply another way to hedge against inflation. It's important to diversify your portfolio and Jetco makes this easy with their one of a kind bullion bars. Don't get me wrong, I definitely would not overweight your portfolio in base metals unless you really know what you're doing. At the same time, a complement to your existing holdings may make a ton of sense (and this is what I am personally doing).

Other Ways To Invest In Base Metals

Jetco bars are a great first step in your quest to diversify into base metals. The largest downside of base metals however is they take up space. You can't fit your bars in your safe deposit box. Also, you can only have so many bullion bars around the house. The solution? Consider investing in shares of base metal mining companies. Two of the largest ones are Alcoa, an aluminum producer, and Southern Copper Corp, a large copper producer that has appreciated in value quite substantially (and also offers a very solid dividend). The same general principals that apply in selecting gold stocks also apply in your base metal analysis.

Copper Bars Make Neat Gifts

Copper Bars Up Close
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I believe in giving gold coins as gifts. However, gold is very expensive these days, trading in excess of $900 per ounce. Giving a 1/10 ounce gold bullion coin is still a very expensive gift coming in at around $100. A less expensive alternative is a copper bullion bar. You are giving a very unique gift, a large brick of copper. At the same time, you don't have to break the bank paying for gold. In addition to base metals bars, silver is also a great alternative as a gift due to its lower price. I expect silver to rally tremendously over the coming decade.

Tips On Making Your Purchase

Jetco used to sell their copper bullion bars on both eBay and also their website. These days, Jetco appears to be focusing primarily on their website. Because they offer just about the best copper bullion bars around, I recommend checking out Jetco's new website. I personally have made many Jetco purchases from eBay. However, now that Jetco is not focusing on eBay as much, I'm looking forward to purchasing through their website.

Note: I originally wrote the following paragraph when Jetco was selling a lot of copper bars on eBay. While this is not as directly relevant to Jetco anymore, it's super relevant to other copper bullion companies such as Tacoma Copper who do sell via eBay. Here's the fun part: bidding strategy! In general, I recommend participating in the Jetco auctions rather than using the buy it now feature. Buy it now in general will end up costing you a lot more. In terms of knowing your maximum bid, look up the current value of the metal your are buying. Then, multiply the value by the size of the bar. Knowing the bar's true value will allow you to make an informed decision. You will typically have to pay more than the bar's metal value due to costs in minting and the rarity of investment grade copper bullion bars with the grade and beauty of Jetco's. A good way to think about this is comparing gold, silver, and copper. Gold is the most pricy metal and typically has the lowest premium over spot per ounce. Silver typically carries a substantially higher premium over spot when buying just one ounce because it is a lower priced metal. Similarly, you will see this trend carry forward with copper bullion (you pay more of a premium over spot when buying copper bullion bars).

My Personal Experience With Jetco Minting

My 1 Kilo Jetco Copper Bullion Bar I originally purchased a 1 kilo copper bar from Jetco using the buy it now feature on eBay to test the process. My order took around one month to arrive. While this wait might seem a little long, it's actually very consistent with my other experiences purchasing bullion online. Now that I have received my bar, I must say it was well worth the wait. The bar is so cool. I know I will be buying more! As a new update, I recently bought several more items from Jetco including a very neat aluminum bullion bar. This order only took 2-3 weeks to arrive which was very fast. Couldn't be happier with the product and customer service.

My copper bar was shipped in a USPS Priority Flat Rate envelope. The envelope was very well taped all around. This is a clear sign that Jetco knows what it's doing when shipping its bars. Inside the envelope, the bar was meticulously wrapped in two layers of protective wrapping. The outer layer was composed of about 10 pages of newspaper. The outer layer was molded to the shape of the bar and very carefully wrapped and taped shut. The inner layer was composed of bubble wrap, again very strategically and carefully placed. Because of the careful wrapping, my copper bar arrived absolutely perfectly.

The bar has an amazing luster and shine. It says ".999 Jetco USA Cu 1 Kilo" on the top and also "2007" on the side. To prevent my copper bar from tarnishing, I placed it in a Zip Lock plastic bag and stored it carefully also inside an air tight container where I keep the rest of my copper collection. I'm looking forward to buying more bars from Jetco (and getting some better deals by bidding in the auctions on eBay). I highly recommend that all copper bullion investors take advantage of the rising copper price and buy a few copper bars from Jetco Mint. You won't be disappointed!

Buy Copper Bullion On eBay

New My Jetco USA Copper Bullion Ingot Collection

Recently, I have gone on a spending rampage on Jetco bullion bars. I purchased several really neat copper bullion bars including Jetco's 5 pound copper bar, their new 1 kilo "E" Series copper bar, their 25 ounce copper ingot, and finally Jetco's one pound copper bullion bar. And this is just in terms of copper bullion! Want to talk other base metals? I also purchased Jetco's one kilo bronze bullion bar and their one kilo brass bullion bar. Based on feedback from everyone, I have been hard at work taking pictures of my copper bullion collection and uploading the images. Please make sure to check out the images of my new metal bullion ingots and enjoy!
      Pictures of My 5 Pound Copper Bullion Bar
      Pictures of My 1 Kilo Jetco USA Copper Bar
      Pictures of My 25 Ounce Jetco Mint Copper Bar
      Pictures of My One Pound Jetco Minting Copper Bar

After checking out the images of these amazing copper bullion bars, I highly recommend watching my brand new HD quality copper bullion video. I highlight all four of these amazing copper bullion bars from Jetco in my video, in addition to three other large metal bullion bars.

Jetco Metals Contact Information

P.O. Box 261
Payson, UT 84651
P: (801) 376-0041
P: (801) 400-1534
Mon-Fri 8am-5pm MST

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