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Updated: March, 2017
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Hey everyone, a new update from Gold Why in March, 2017. Unfortunately, it looks like is no longer in business. That's unfortunate because I had so much fun buying coins from these guys over the years. I'm going to leave this article here because I think you will all enjoy reading about my past experience with this amazing store. However, I'm going to remove all the links to since their store is no longer available. Thanks for stopping by and reading.

I am absolutely thrilled today! I recently found a new coin store that I have absolutely fallen in love with: To the left, you can see the eBay Store! You can also visit the eBay Store directly. In today's article I will review this store and explain why I like it so much. Moreover, I will go into my personal experience ordering coins from However, before getting started, I'd like to set the stage why I found this store at the perfect time in my own coin collecting and investing career.

Bullion Vs. Numismatics?

As you may have sensed from all the prior articles on this site, I come from a bullion background. I'm very concerned about inflation and first got interested in gold, silver, and copper bullion coins (and stocks) as a reaction to my concerns about the US Dollar and inflation. Put simply: Bullion has already been on a run but I expect continued great performance over the coming years (and decades) due to the current economic climate in the US.

Recently, I have also started getting really interested in numismatics, or rare coins. While bullion coins are purely traded for their metal value, numismatics are traded for their grade, rarity, and appeal within the coin collecting community. It's the natural progression. I have been obsessed with bullion and now I'm starting to get interested in numismatics. Hence, comes at a perfect time. Their products are perfect for me at this time in my own coin collecting career. Now, let me tell you why I like this store so much and recommend it to you!

Grab Bags of Wheat Pennies & Coins

Remember when you were a kid and you used to get "grab bags" of toys? creates the same sense of anticipation and joy for the coin collector by offering grab bags of old coins. Their business model: Buy up enormous estates of coins, partition them into lots (without searching them), and then sell off the lots as coin grab bags. Example: For $59.95 (plus $9.99 shipping), I purchased a North Dakota estate bag that contains the following:

  • Over 300 Unsearched Wheat Pennies
  • One Walking Liberty Half Dollar (1916-1945)
  • One Washington Silver Quarter (1932-1964)
  • One Mercury Silver Dime (1916-1945)
  • One Roosevelt Silver Dime (1946-1964)
  • One Buffalo Nickel (1913-1938)
  • One Silver War Nickel (1942-1945)
  • One Indian Head Penny (1859-1909)
  • Ten 1943 Steel Cents (in addition to the 300 unsearched wheat pennies)
  • Ten "S" Wheat Pennies (in addition to the 300 unsearched wheat pennies)

Multiple Wheat Pennies
© – photohoo
While I'm guaranteed the above quantities and types of coins, it's really a grab bag because I have no idea which dates, mint marks, and grades I'll get! I'm especially hopeful that I'll find something neat in the 300 unsearched wheat pennies. You can see that customers have written in about their finds. Even if I don't find anything special, I'm really excited in general because this grab bag opens my coin collection to new frontiers. In my quest to stockpile copper bullion, I have been lucky enough to collect a few wheat pennies when going through 25 dollar boxes of pennies from the bank. However, I have never seen 300 wheat pennies in one place! That's six rolls of wheat pennies. I'm so excited to go through these pennies. Also, most of the other coins are new to me. Again, I'm a bullion collector so I have had no experience with some of these "standards" for numismatic collectors. What a great way for me to get into something new.

Great Coin Selection That Changes Over Time

Here's one of my favorite things about They are in the business of buying estates. That means they are always coming into new estates and new offers. I like keeping my eye out for offers. I will definitely be watching closely for the new offers that come out. I am certain this will be the route I take to build up my coin collection, adding in some variety! Currently, they offer a few great options: the North Dakota collection for $59.95, the Florida Hoard for $299.00, the Depression Collection, and the Beginners Set for only $9.95. Prices do not include shipping and handling. Want to save some money? If you buy multiple bags, you may be entitled to reduce shipping and handling.

The Coin I'm Trying To Get - 1909-S VDB Wheat Pennies
My wheat pennies from! I can't wait to sort through them!
A sought after coin is the 1909-S VDB wheat penny with a value of about $1000 per penny! I'm going to try to get one of these and will keep you all updated on my progress. I'm a small time collector so this may take some time, but I expect to buy more pennies from over the years (maybe a few orders each year). According to, there are only 484,000 circulation strikes of this coin. (This is a really low number.)

Conclusion & My Personal Experience Ordering From

To close out, I wanted to discuss my personal experience ordering from I have reviewed many great coin shops on this site. I must say that is at the top of the list! As mentioned above, I ordered the North Dakota collection for $59.95 (plus $9.99 shipping). I decided to make my purchase via the eBay Store. The main reason for this is I enjoy buying coins on eBay. It's a good place to get deals and moreover PayPal offers an easy way to pay with buyer protection (not to mention I'm always trying to build up my positive feedback).

As soon as I ordered by coins, left me positive feedback. I really appreciate that. Moreover, my item shipped immediately. I received my shipment in less than a week. I have never experienced shipping so fast at any coin store. Many times, companies try to charge high shipping to make more money. Not, my $9.99 shipping was used to ship my coins to me via Priority Mail.

The box my coins arrived in was very well packed. There were a lot of foam pieces inside and the pennies were enclosed in a Ziplock freezer bag. Around the bag was an additional layer of newspaper. Going through my coins so far has been a ton of fun! I have barely had any time and just pulled out the silver coins mentioned above (and my Indian Head Penny!). I'm going to have so much fun this weekend looking through my pennies to try to find that 1909-s VDB. I don't have a huge amount of money to make purchases on coins each month, but was so pleased with my experience that I'm going to order a few more lots of coins from and keep them for a rainy day. I am a very satisfied customer and it's been a pleasure to review this great shop which I don't think many people know about! I really want to spread the word about this great store to everyone who visits GoldWhy. Want to learn more about pennies in general? I highly recommend checking out, a new site all about pennies: copper pennies, Indian head pennies, and wheat pennies.

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