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Updated: September, 2012
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Market Harmony Copper Bullion Bar The copper bullion bar in the picture on the left is absolutely amazing. I recently had this copper bar right next to my Johnson Matthey gold bullion bar and it actually gave the gold bar a run for it's money, appearance-wise. This copper bullion bar is produced by Market Harmony and I recently purchased it from The Copper Cave by Susquehanna Hobbies. Today, it's my absolute pleasure to to review The Copper Cave and my personal experience buying this copper bullion bar, adding to the list of my recent copper bullion reviews: Jetco Minting, E Cohen Minting, and The Metal Mint. (Quick side notes: Want to learn more about the copper bar pictured in this article? I recently had the absolute pleasure of interviewing Market Harmony copper mint. Want to learn even more about The Copper Cave? Make sure to check out my extensive interview with The Copper Cave, one of the most exciting articles on this site.)

What Is The Copper Cave by Susquehanna Hobbies?

The Copper Cave is the first store on the Internet that sells a variety of copper bullion products from different manufacturers. They carry copper bars from Jetco Minting, E Cohen Minting, and The Metal Mint, in addition to copper bullion bars and coins from less well known copper mints. I consider myself an "expert" within the new niche of copper bullion bars (and exotic metal ingots). Even though I have been in the industry for a while, I had never heard of half the copper bars available at The Copper Cave. How Great and exciting! For the copper ingot collector, The Copper Cave presents an amazing opportunity to diversify your collection with a huge array of different copper bullion bars.

One of my favorite parts of The Copper Cave is you can search by brand. They currently carry 10+ different brands of copper bullion products. Again, a great variety of niche products that are not available anywhere else.

How Did I Find The Copper Cave?

Market Harmony Copper Bullion Bar Reverse As mentioned in many of my articles, I absolutely love copper ingots. I have been collecting them for quite some time to complement my gold and silver bullion investments. Consequently, I regularly monitor the Google search results for "copper bullion" related terms. A few months ago, I saw The Copper Cave showing up in the search results. At that time, I knew I had to buy some copper bars from them.

What Makes The Copper Cave Different?

The Copper Cave marks a very important evolution of the copper bullion market. Previously, the only way to buy copper ingots would be directly from the copper mints or on eBay. The Copper Cave is the first online copper store that carries all makes and manufacturers of collectible copper ingots. They carry many brands I have never heard of before, despite considering myself an expert in the industry. Moreover, their customer service is absolutely top notch (as we'll get to next).

My Personal Experience Ordering Copper Bullion From The Copper Cave

The Copper Cave Business Card With such a large selection available, it was a difficult decision picking one copper bar as my pilot order from The Copper Cave. At the end of the day, I had to go with the bar pictured above because of it's uniqueness, there's nothing else like it out there. Market Harmony creates copper bars from scrap copper. The particular bar I ordered has a very amazing luster because it is polished and acid washed. It's 10+ avoirdupois ounces (vs. the standard troy ounces we deal with in bullion) and stamped with the weight. I really like how it comes in a nice plastic wrap with the serial number on the front. I paid $22.95 (plus shipping and handling) for this copper bar and it was worth every penny as one of the most handsome copper bars in my collection.

As you will see throughout the rest of this article, my order came with a variety of pamphlets, business cards, and information. I really appreciate this and it helps make the buying experience so much fun. The Copper Cave definitely goes the extra mile. My copper bar came wrapped very well in bubble wrap, I could not ask for more on the packaging. Moreover, it arrived within only a few days. You might be thinking I got special treatment because I'm Ian from GoldWhy. Not so, I ordered this bar normally without exposing my web presence. I purposefully do this for each of my reviews so they are truthful and candid. Of course, once I have done a first review, I will not be able to do this for subsequent product reviews from the same store after developing a working relationship but I think the first review is all that's needed to verify a great customer experience.

To close out, I highly recommend The Copper Cave by Susquehanna Hobbies. I had a tremendous experience and they opened my eyes to a lot of copper bullion products that I never knew about before. I plan on ordering more Market Harmony copper ingots shortly. As I order more bars, I will update this article with more pictures. Overall, the fun in coin and ingot collecting is diversity. Visit The Copper Cave today to diversify your collection. Please let them know that you were referred by!

The Copper Cave
by Susquehanna Hobbies
P.O. Box 21
Northumberland, PA 17857

My Second Time Ordering From The Copper Cave

My first order went so well that I decided to almost immediately place a second order. This time, I went crazy and ordered several items. Due to my great experience with my Market Harmony copper bar from my first purchase, I decided to buy three more Market Harmony copper bullion bars, each a different flavor from the first one. Also, I purchased two copper bullion coins, one from Shire Post Mint and one 2007 Liberty Dollar, a coin that commands a whole other article of its own. My second order arrived only three days after making my purchase and I am so happy with it. The copper bullion I received is so beautiful that I decided to create a whole new page to showcase Copper Bars and Bullion That I Purchased From The Copper Cave.

New! Exclusive Interview With The Copper Cave

Building upon the popularity of the articles on this site about copper bullion, especially this one, I recently had the great fortune of interviewing The Copper Cave. The interview is one of the longest articles on this site, packed with tremendous value and information for everyone interested in copper bullion.

>> Check Out My Exclusive Interview With The Copper Cave <<

More Literature Sent With My Order

Why Copper?

The Copper Cave Address

Paper Isn't Real Money Anyway!

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