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Author: Affiliated Writers (Exclusively For Gold Why)
Date: September, 2008
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Following our beginner's guide to buying gold jewelry, this article is the second guest article written exclusively for Gold Why by our friends at Affiliated Writers. I'm really excited about this article because it helps round out the gold information we provide with a really unique twist: buying gold at pawn shops, swap meets, second hand stores, and other "creative" places. With the government recently bailing out Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and strongly contributing to inflation, there is no better time to buy gold. Getting creative in your gold buying can save you thousands and find savvy deals in this crazy time.

Gold Is A Safe Haven

With the rapidly declining state of the United States economic system, multitudinous people are searching for alternatives that will allow them to have a contingency plan. For those in this situation, gold is steadily becoming the most popular option available. People are turning to gold due to its never-ending valuable nature, gold is perhaps the single best store of value available (in addition to other precious metals). We believe gold will appreciate significantly in relation to the US dollar as inflation continues to grow, eroding the value of every dollar in your pocket. Want to learn more about why you should buy gold coins? You may wish to check out our top 10 reasons to own gold coins.

Buying Gold At Bargain Prices

Once one has decided to stockpile gold, the question of where to locate gold at a good bargain arises. To answer this query, there are miscellaneous available options for those willing to do some legwork. However, gold buyers should always be wary of those selling valuable items for small costs, and ascertain whether the gold is real before purchasing. At the least, purchasers should determine the credibility of the store/seller when feasible. Are you new to gold? It is advised that you first start out only buying gold from well known gold stores.

Creative Ways To Buy Gold For Cheap

Whether a decision is reached to purchase gold bullion (if available), gold jewelry or scrap, or gold numismatic coins, understanding what type of gold is valuable and where to locate the most inexpensive pieces for maximum profitability becomes paramount. For the savvy gold bug, following are some creative off-the-beaten-path places to acquire gold:

Buying Gold At Pawn Shops

Pawn shops may have an extensive array of gold and gold-related items, such as jewelry, numismatic coins, and scrap, but the purchaser should be wary of what appears to be a bargain. Often, inferior gold products are sold as a substitute to real quality gold, and buyers should be on their guard at all times. If you are an experienced gold buyer, you may be able to pick up some real bargains at your local pawn shop.

Buying Gold At Second-Hand Stores

Similar in design to pawn shops, second-hand stores offer diverse gold products at reasonable prices. Moreover, while pawn shops are notorious for inferior products at expensive prices, second-hand shops are recognized for customarily making more superior products available. However, the purchaser should continue to be wary of items that seem too good to be true.

Swap Meets - An Unconventional Place To Buy Gold

Gatherings such as swap meets are ideal places to locate gold and gold products. Because many swap meets are designed for the exchanging of goods, there are a multitude of sellers who have little or no actual understanding as to the value of their item. Swap meets are one of the most desirable locations to find gold jewelry or coins for the advanced gold buyer.

Buy Gold Coins At Garage Sales

Garage sales are frequently indistinguishable from swap meets. One of the most obvious differences is that swap meets are gatherings of individuals, while garage sales are normally comprised of one to two sellers only. Purchasers can find many bargains on gold jewelry, scrap gold, and infrequently gold coins or other gold items. Similar to swap meets, the person having the garage sale may have no idea about the real value of their gold items, allowing you to pick up some real bargains.

When exploring for gold in varied creative locations, purchasers should remember that shady sellers are also usually determined to profit from the same deal as the buyer. While some sellers are expecting limited profitability at best, others are resolute in their determination to make the maximum profit for the smallest product. Concentrate on the item itself, and do not pay exorbitant amounts for scrap gold, gold jewelry, or gold coins when more inexpensive items are available elsewhere. Moreover, there are locations that offer products that are otherwise difficult to locate. Do not limit purchases to one store when possible - purchase treasures as they are located to obtain the maximum result from minimum capital depletion. Are you a beginner? It's highly recommended you first start out with very reputable gold shops before scouring these creative sources for bargains.

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