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Updated: November, 2009
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Gold Bullion Price Appreciation
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I really like E Cohen Mint's gold, silver, and copper bullion products and recommend you take a look at them. The reason I like them so much is their offering is truly unique. When dealing with the big popular gold dealers such as Blanchard and Company, Monex, or Northwest Territorial Mint, you find the same traditional bullion coins. There's nothing at all wrong with these fine dealers or the popular coins they sell. In fact, the cornerstone of all gold bullion portfolios is a solid base of Krugerrands, Gold Eagles, and Maple Leafs. The great thing about E Cohen Mint is that they offer products to help diversify your gold bullion portfolio once you have the basics covered.

E Cohen Mint Offers Gold In Small Sizes

E Cohen Mint is a niche mint in New York that offers exotic bullion products. One of their exotic products that I really love is their small gold coins in sizes of 1/20 ounce, one gram, 5 grains, and 1 grain. Before I go into the benefits of these smaller coins, let's first take a closer look at the numbers:

  • 1 gram = 0.032 troy ounces
  • 5 grains = 0.01 troy ounces
  • 1 grain = 0.002 troy ounces

    As you can see, these are some very small coins! It's not easy to find coins this small anywhere else. If you look around Ebay, you can find a few other one gram gold coins for sale. When you get to the five grains and one grain size, however, E Cohen Mint is really the pioneer and mint of choice.

    Why You Want To Own Small Gold Coins

    Owning small gold coins makes a lot of sense for two reasons. First, gold is at historically high levels of around $900 per ounce. The price of one troy ounce of gold is so high that it's out of reach for many individuals. As inflation gets worse, gold will continue to climb. Moreover, gold will become more mainstream and everyone will want to jump onboard. With an inability to afford larger coins, there will be a tremendous demand for small coins (and also a shortage). By purchasing small gold coins from E Cohen Mint, you are preparing yourself for this shortage so you can later capitalize on it and not get left behind.

    The second reason to purchase small gold coins is for bartering purposes. In the unfortunate event of a dollar collapse, we will be forced to barter with precious metals. With a purchasing power of $900 dollars in current dollar terms, one ounce coins are just too valuable for everyday purchases. The one gram, five grain, and one grain coins, however, are absolutely perfect. Gold is my favorite precious metal because of its portability. You can store a huge amount of wealth in a very small area. The small E Cohen Mint coins are very small but pack a lot of wealth into their small area.

    Other E Cohen Mint Products

    I also suggest taking a look at E Cohen Mint's silver and copper bullion products. I'm super excited about copper these days. It's definitely not gold or silver and takes up a ton of space but is an up and coming investment metal. Prices of copper have been rising quickly with no signs of turning back. Cohen gets it when it comes to copper and offers bars in a variety of sizes. Copper bars make great gifts too!

    More About E Cohen Minting

    I am fascinated with this mint and following are some of the details I have compiled. E Cohen was started in 2004 as a small private mint in New York. They have a very interesting process they leverage to mint gold and silver coins. They sell their coins directly from their website. E Cohen Minting produces all products using only the finest materials available to standards of perfection. You may contact E Cohen directly at the following contact info:
          E Cohen Minting
          PO Box 102
          Brooklyn, NY 11229

    Most recently, I have had the privilege of interviewing E Cohen Mint. I recommend you check out the interview. In my interview with E Cohen Minting we cover countless topics including the outlook for the metals market, copper bullion, the coin minting process, future new products, and so much more!

    My Personal Experience and Purchase

    My E Cohen Mint Gold Coin Collection I recently purchased a few coins from Cohen. I could not resist! Specifically, I ordered their 2008 1 gram 24 karat gold coin. Based on the images on their website, this coin looks absolutely beautiful. For the reasons described above, it is also perfect for me. I'm a smaller investor, saving very hard for some large upcoming life purchases (1st house down payment), and cannot afford to splurge on the larger one ounce coins at current levels. The one gram size is perfect for my investing budget. I also treated myself to two 5 grain gold coins and five 1 grain gold coins.

    My order took one month to ship and arrive. This wait is very consistent with my experience with other online gold bullion purchases. The coins arrived in a small envelope that was lined with bubble wrap. Within the envelope, the coins were placed inside a folded up piece of paper. The 1 grain and 5 grain gold coins are enclosed in classic coin cardboard and plastic staple holders. The holders do a great job of protecting and enclosing these small gold coins. The 1 gram coin comes in a very small plastic bag. The plastic bag is great for keeping the coin protected from small dents and scratches since it is a 24 karat gold coin. Due to all this careful packaging, my coins arrived perfectly. I continue to leave them in their provided packaging to protect my investment.

    I am pleased with my purchase because the coins look even better than in the pictures. Also, the coins provide an easy way for me to diversify into smaller fractional gold bullion coins. I recommend E Cohen Mint for both new and seasoned gold bullion (and also copper bullion) investors. I plan on making more purchases myself. I also recently purchased nickel bullion bars from E Cohen Mint.

    >> More Information? Check Out My Interview With E Cohen Mint <<

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