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Updated: March, 2011
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Silver Strike  
Today, I'm excited to discuss the exciting world of silver casino strikes, also called silver casino tokens or simply silver strikes. I now own a total of four casino silver strikes and definitely plan on picking up more! Throughout this article, you can see pictures of my Crazy Girls Riviera Casino silver strike and my Harrah's Riverboat Casino silver strike. Additionally, I have two McCarran International Airport silver strikes that you can see on my silver round pictures page. I'm super excited about silver strikes and will be talking today all about my passion for these amazing silver collectibles. NEW: Once you're done reading this article, I highly recommend checking out my brand new HD quality silver strike video where I showcase my personal silver strike casino token collection!

What Are Silver Strikes?

So, you may be wondering, what the heck are these casino silver strikes? You've probably heard of all the standard silver rounds out there such as the American silver eagle and the Canadian silver maple leaf. However, it's not all that common these days to see silver casino tokens on sale at your local coin shop. I actually did not know what silver casino tokens were until I saw them for sale at one of my favorite coin shops, River City Coins. River City is really good about stocking both standard gold and silver bullion coins and also specialty items like silver strikes.

Basically, silver strikes are premium prizes that could be won at casinos around the world. Today, most slot machines are coinless. However, just 10 or 15 years ago, this was not the case! I fondly remember the days of token-operated slot machines. You would win and the coins would come pouring out! Then, you'd place them all in a cup and take them the cashier to cash out. Anyways, the premium silver strikes shown on this page are special prizes that could be won from certain slot machines when they still dispensed coins. They are now collected by coin collectors all around the world, both for their silver bullion value and also their collectible factor. Many silver strikes are encapsulated in a protective plastic capsule case. Two of the silver strikes I personally own have the case, but the other two do not.

How Much Silver Is In The Typical Silver Strike?

There are two types of silver casino tokens, as defined by the silver strikes page of River City Coins. The first type is 42mm in diameter and has a silver center and an outer ring of brass that's plated in gold. This first type of silver casino token has 0.6 troy ounces of silver bullion. With the current price of silver bullion at $22.23 per troy ounce, that places the value of these silver strikes at about $13.34 for their silver value alone. However, they typically sell for prices higher than their raw silver value due to the collectible premium.

The second type of silver casino strike has a gold plated brass center surrounded by a ring of silver. Also, they're a little bit larger with a diameter of 46.5mm. I don't have any of these silver strikes in my personal collection, but am definitely looking to buy some. These strikes are more valuable because they contain 0.75 troy ounces of silver bullion.

Why Do I Like Silver Casino Tokens So Much?

River Boat Silver Casino Strike
The answer to this question is quite fundamental to my gold and silver bullion investment philosophy: I love diversification. Quite a while back, I wrote all about diversifying within your gold bullion portfolio. At the end of the day, gold bullion is gold bullion. Silver bullion is silver bullion. If you're in this game for the metal bullion value, like me, it's easy to get in a routine and buy the same coins over and over. I'm here to say however that it's important to diversify. It's not only fun to diversify, but there also are financial benefits as outlined in the article just referenced (I highly recommend checking it out). I can't think of a better way to diversify than by purchasing silver casino strikes. These are some truly unique and exciting pieces.

The Perfect Investment Option For Casino and Las Vegas Fans

Are you a fan of the casino? I sure am! I really enjoy visiting Las Vegas. I can't get enough of the gambling, sun, shopping, shows, and amazing hotels. However, we all know how profitable casinos are. The house always wins. When it comes to coins, especially silver bullion coins, you always win! That's why I'm such a fan of these silver casino strikes. They're the ultimate collectible for fans of Las Vegas and casinos, collectibles that have raw silver bullion value. They're very similar in nature to silver souvenir coins.

The Best Places To Buy Silver Strike Casino Tokens

I currently own four beautiful silver strikes! I purchased all four from one of my favorite coin shops, River City Coins. So, if you're just starting out, I would highly recommend checking out River City. Once you have your base collection built out, you're going to want to start filling it in with even more silver strikes. As you may know, I'm a huge proponent of buying gold and silver on eBay. I'm also a fan of the huge selection of silver casino strikes on eBay. So, you'll definitely want to buy silver strikes on eBay.

Other Exciting Options For Silver Strike Fans

To close out today, I'd like to say that I'm really excited about silver casino tokens. They are an awesome way to diversify within your gold and silver bullion collection. However, let's say you're already a fan of casino silver strikes and are looking for a way to branch out? I have many suggestions for you with the following topping the list: silver art bars, copper bullion, and silver souvenir coins. Thanks so much for reading and a big happy holidays and happy new year from Gold Why!

As a new update, I now uploaded a brand new HD quality silver strike video. This video showcases my personal silver strike casino token collection. 2011 has a been a big year for videos here on Gold Why and I sincerely hope you enjoy it!

Buy Silver Casino Strike Tokens on eBay.

Pictures of My Personal Silver Strike From Riviera Casino

Crazy Girls Silver Strike Casino Token

Riviera Silver Strike

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