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Author: Gold Why Webmaster
Updated: September, 2011
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Israel Silver Coin  
Hey Gold Why readers! It's been a while and I'm excited to talk about silver coins today and why you should buy silver coins when you're on vacation. Ever travel to different countries? How about different cities within your country? It's frequent that you have the opportunity to pick up silver coins as souvenirs. I'm here to tell you that silver commemorative coins are the perfect souvenir. Before doing so, however, I'd first like to take a step back and talk about what's going on in the world of Gold Why!

What Have I Been Up To Here At Gold Why?

As you may know, it's been nearly three months since I've updated this site. My last article was all about being careful buying coins online. Haven't check it out yet? I highly recommend doing so! Since my last article, I have been very busy with my personal life. I've been doing a bit of traveling for vacation, working extra hard at my job during this very difficult economic time, and working on a few other websites. I actually own a few websites about other topics as well, but none as successful as Gold Why!

More than ever, I am committed to making Gold Why a tremendous resource for those seeking honest and unbiased information on gold, silver, and metal bullion. The price of gold is near an all time high and the fundamental principles I have been talking about at Gold Why for years continue to ring true! It's still a great time to buy gold, silver, and copper bullion on any major corrections.

I have been getting a ton of great gold questions from all of you and I truly appreciate it! Back in March, I also answered a Gold Why Question about my 2010 gold predictions. Check it out! I plan on answering more of your great questions in coming months so please keep them coming! Also on my radar are a few videos. You heard me right! I plan on shooting and uploading a few videos in coming months as one of my big 2010 goals. Also, I plan on sending more frequent updates to my gold newsletter. Not signed up? Go for it! So now that you know what's going on in my world, let's get back to the exciting world of souvenir vacation silver coins!

Silver Souvenir Coins Have Real Value

Israel Silver Coin Reverse
So I'm going to start out the gate with the truth: Silver souvenir coins are going to cost you. Most likely, you'll pay quite a markup over the silver bullion value of these coins. Just looking at your typical silver eagle, you're going to pay a nice markup of at least $5 or $10. It's the law of small numbers. Silver dealers need to make money. The price of silver is substantially lower than gold so you're going to pay a higher premium. You even see this with fractional gold coins. Because of the convenience of the size and the fact that they're cheaper, the markup is always more. So, there you have it: Be prepared to lose money on souvenir vacation coins in terms of raw silver bullion value.

However, let's now take a look at the other souvenirs you may consider buying on vacation. You've got keychains, mugs, magnets, t-shirts, postcards, and more! All of this stuff has zero intrinsic value. All of the sudden, coins are looking a lot better, especially silver bullion coins! This really is my point with this section. I'd rather walk home with a beautiful silver vacation coin of value than a bunch of stuff that has no intrinsic value.

Silver Vacation Coins Are Very Collectible

If you've been reading Gold Why for a while, you know I'm big on the collectability factor. I think all of us in this industry are, or at least most of us. Even within the realm of bullion, I like to diversify amongst different metals and countries. It's just plain fun. This is perhaps the biggest reason that I'm obsessed with silver art bars. When I'm on vacation, I look at silver souvenir coins as the perfect addition to my silver art bar and silver art round collection! They are all works of art and are highly collectible. Silver souvenir coins are a collectible that you'll be enjoying for your entire life. You can even pass them onto your kids. You're going to pass something on that has true intrinsic value and the opportunity to appreciate (both due to bullion value but also numismatic value).

Pictures of My Personal Silver Vacation Souvenir Coins

Silver Euro Coin
Throughout this article, I include pictures of two of my personal silver souvenir coins. Both of these coins were gifts. My beautiful wife bought me the amazing silver Israel coin. My wife's awesome family bought me the cool silver euro coin. Both are just splendid pieces of art. My favorite one is the silver Israel coin from Israel Coins and Medals Corp. Why? Just look at it! The coin is amazing and proof-like. It comes in a cool box with an informational packet. The coin itself is protected in a hard metal case and has some of the coolest art I have ever seen (on both the obverse and reverse). I also can't get enough of my 10 euro silver coin as well. This Franz Kafka 2006 silver bullion coin also has a very unique and interesting design. You can see why I enjoy these silver vacation coins so much: They are much more unique and diverse than your standard everyday silver rounds.

Where You Can Buy Silver Vacation Coins

To close out, I'd like to share a few tips on buying silver vacation coins. First, if you're like me, you may be lucky enough to have an amazing wife and family. In that case, let them know you love coins! Have them look for coins when they're on vacation and bring you one home. This is coin collecting at its best: You have an army out there scouting out coins for you whenever they're on vacation. Just make sure to really appreciate what they're doing for you and pay them back with a really nice dinner out. One word of caution: Tell them to only buy you silver vacation coins. I know this sounds a little snobbish, but it's important. A lot of souvenir vacation coins out there are junk, low grade metals. It's important to stick with silver, a true precious metal. If your family does not have the funds to buy silver coins, you could always pay them in advance as well.

If you're the one on vacation, you may want to pay the local bank a visit. I believe my wife's parents bought my silver Franz Kafka coin at the bank in Europe. Of course, you're also likely to have a lot of luck at jewelry stores, souvenir shops, and even swap meets! Just be careful at the last one. You don't want to get swindled and should head into the situation knowing your price limit and stuff! I hope this article gets you as excited as me about souvenir silver coins. The next time you're on vacation, bring home a souvenir of intrinsic lasting value, one that will serve your family well for generations! Can't get enough of this stuff? I also recommend checking out my new article all about casino silver strike coins.

NEW: Want to check out my latest vacation souvenir coins? Check out my brand new collection of Maui Trade Dollars.

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Additional Pictures of My Silver Vacation Souvenir Rounds

Israel Silver Coin Set

Israel Coins and Medals Corp

Silver 10 Euro Coin

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