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Author: Gold Why Webmaster
Date: June, 2009
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Loose Change Penny Found On Sidewalk  
© – Johnrob  
I'm really excited about today's article, an in-depth look at my latest coin-related hobby: Picking up and collecting loose change from the ground. I'll cut right to the thesis: Whether yourre a gold investor or just looking to make some extra money on the side, I have found hunting for hidden treasure in the form of loose change on the ground (and then hoarding it) to be a super fun and worthwhile game in this bad economy. As you may know, I believe gold is a great investment in our bad economy. While today's article is not about gold, it's another tip for "doing all you can" during our economic crisis. Moreover, it's a super fun and rewarding pastime!

Hunting For Loose Change On The Ground Is Great Exercise

I'm a huge believer in exercise. Your physical condition is directly proportional to your mental savvy. It's true. I find that exercise is inversely related to the amount of time I spend working. I'm able to meditate while exercising so I have "the answers" when I arrive at work. Now, drum roll please, the gold coin investor's dream come true: Combine exercise with your favorite hobby - collecting coins and uncovering hidden treasure! Lately, I have been going on long walks when I get home from work and also during my lunch break. It's an amazing way to get exercise, clear my head, and enjoy the lucrative hobby of picking up change from the ground. I have found all kinds of pennies, many of them pre-1982 copper pennies, and also a nickel or two. I actually end up finding more change at lunch because I work in an affluent downtown with lots of people and stuff going on. It's amazing that I see pennies in plain sight and nobody picks them up. People are crazy these days! The pennies are right there in the middle of the sidewalk and nobody picks them up. Give it a try, get some exercise and pick up coins from the sidewalk, it's a lot of fun.

Become A Coin Scavenger and Hoarder - Tips On Finding Lost Change

Coin Found On Sidewalk
© – RobertKovacs
I like to think of myself as a coin scavenger and hoarder. These days, whether I'm on a walk or not, I jump at the opportunity to pick up loose change and coins wherever I can. Following are just a few of the places I've found money on the ground, but I'm still relatively new to this and looking for more opportunities (please send them my way if you have any great ideas that you would like to share):

Find loose change in the parking lot. It's amazing how often change falls out of someone's pocket when getting in and out of the car. I've found quite a few pennies when parking my car at the local mall. The only downside with this avenue is the coins are often dirty and damaged - but they're still valuable to me!

Coins on the ground at your grocery store. People are in a rush when they are shopping for groceries. They are quick to pull out their purse or wallet to make change. Often times, change will fall on the ground! I'm always on the prowl for loose change near the checkout line at the supermarket.

Find loose change on the sidewalk. Just the other day I found a nickel on the sidewalk during one of my lunch strolls. It was right there in the middle of the sidewalk. It can be especially lucrative looking on the sidewalk around parking meters. I'm betting someone wanted to put it in the meter, but then it fell and they couldn't find it - nickels and dimes blend in with the color of the sidewalk on a sunny day.

Loose change falling down cracks and crevices. If the lighting is good enough, take a look in cracks and crevices when you're walking. People get lazy. They will pick up coins they dropped if they're in plain sight. However, if the coins are of the path a bit and not readily apparent, they go unnoticed for your taking!

Change on the ground at a restaurant or coffee shop. I have to admit it. I love Starbucks. It's one of those places that just makes me happy. Moreover, I get a ton of productive work done there. The other day, I found a lucky penny there too! While this hardly outweighs the price of the orange juice I purchased, it was a lucky surprise. Every time I go to a coffee shop or restaurant (especially fast food), I'm on the lookout for change on the floor.

Find loose change at the train station. I take the train to work most weekdays. It's a hectic place. People are always running around, buying tickets, and praying they don't miss their train (or else they'll end up late to work in this rough economy which is not a great thing). In all this haste, it's easy for coins to end up on the ground. I picked up a lucky penny at the train station just the other day.

What Do I Do With All This Loose Change I Found?

Here's the fun part! I make sure to keep my found change in a completely separate place from my other coins. What's the fun if you can't track your progress over time? While I don't have a jar just yet, I'm going to find myself a special loose change jar. I will only keep coins I found on the ground in there. Over time, my goal is to find over $100 in change on the ground. Keep your found treasure in a special place and watch it pile up! If you're planning on making a big hobby out of it, you might even think about piling up your found coins in a gold coin treasure chest.

Find A Rare Coin On The Sidewalk

Here's the next fun part! While I'm a bullion investor with a particular bias towards hunting down pre-1982 copper pennies and nickels, there's also the potential of finding a rare coin in your hunt. If you enjoy numismatics pay close attention to the coins you find. You may find a rare treasure that's truly worth something! It's probably a bit easier to do this sorting through $25 boxes of pennies (which I also suggest as a great pastime), but nonetheless it's also possible during your time as a coin scavenger.

Go Hunting For Lost Coins With Your Kids

I'm getting married shortly and don't have kids yet, but see this as the perfect activity for the active family. You get to spend quality time with your kids, everyone gets exercise, and you teach your family the value of hard earned money. Let your kids keep all of the change you find on the ground.

Pennies On The Ground Are "Lucky"

As you know, I am a huge proponent of the notion that gold coins bring good luck. Similarly, I truly believe that change found and picked up from the ground signifies luck. Start participating in the hunt and enjoy the benefits of your growing luck. Want to take a fun hobby and get a bit more serious? Why not buy a metal detector? You might look a bit strange walking around town with one, but it's perfect for the local beach if you live in a beach community. Have any interesting stories about finding money on the ground? Please send your story to us if you'd like us to include it in this article! Best of luck to you in your hunt for coins!

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