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Updated: June, 2011
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Welcome to my site, Gold Why? Gold Why is your place for free, honest information about all aspects of gold: gold bullion, gold coins, gold stocks, and gold jewelry. I have been extremely interested in all aspects of gold, starting out when I purchased my first gold stock seven years ago. Since then, my interest has expanded into all other aspects of gold as well, in addition to silver and other precious metals. The more I learn about gold, the more excited I am! Today, I'm thrilled to talk a bit about my myself and my website. First, however, i wanted to connect you with my Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube pages. I would truly appreciate if you visit my pages and "Like" me.

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Your Resource For Gold Information

Over the past seven years, I have accumulated a lot of knowledge about gold. The reason I started this site is twofold. First, I really enjoy writing about my passion for gold. Second, I have found it difficult to find free, unbiased, honest, and useful information about gold online. Most gold sites are trying to sell you gold. There's nothing wrong with that at all. There are many respectable gold dealers online that I will cover and review in future articles. However, I have not found a central repository of free useful information on the Internet that is free of sales bias. My goal is to provide information free of sales bias, only biased by my own passion for writing about gold. (I am compensated via ads on this site and you will want to read my Affiliate Disclosure.)

Bullion, Coins, and More

There are a lot of great sites that discuss and sell gold coins, both bullion (coins held for their raw gold metal value) and numismatics (gold coins held for their rarity and collector value). There are other sites that discuss gold mining companies and gold stocks. Last, there are websites that sell gold jewelry. I view gold as a force and have trouble breaking apart these different ways of looking at gold. In fact, when I look at gold keeping all of these different facets in mind, I'm able to make connections and have an even greater appreciation for the power of gold. My goal is to show you my unique approach of looking at gold through a multitude of lenses.

Gold Is Becoming a Hot Topic

For the first time in decades, gold is starting to take a front seat in financial news. America is facing some serious issues with oil at record highs, foreclosures growing by the day, and the dollar declining. All of these economic pressures and more are forcing gold higher. As gold continues to rise, we're starting to finally get some discussion about gold in the financial press. I'm glad that gold is finally getting some attention however I have often found that the financial press has its own agenda. As an investor, I have found a lot of success by ignoring the mainstream press and many times taking on a strategy completely different than the one recommended by financial pundits. Through Gold Why my goal is to provide unbiased information, allowing you to get a well rounded opinion on gold. I will definitely not provide all the answers, but my goal is to get you thinking so the pundits don't fool you.

A Little More About Your Gold Author

I have a passion for personal finance and have been following the stock market for most of my life. I'm in my 20s and enjoying a very fast paced career and at up and coming Internet company. In my spare time, I enjoy managing my very small (but growing) stock portfolio, going to the gym, traveling, and of course spending a lot of time with my wife. My day job is very challenging, however mostly analytical in nature. To keep my writing skills sharp, I will be updating this site regularly. If you have any suggestions for future article topics, please don't hesitate to shoot me an email. Please check back regularly for new clever articles about gold. I am not an expert and am not a financial advisor, and the information I provide on this site is purely one man's opinion (always make sure to consult your financial advisor before making any investment decisions). The information on this site is purely for entertainment value is not financial advice. I will do my best to make sure that my opinion is useful in your journey to research and learn about gold. In the spirit of my site's name, every article title will always contain two words: "gold" and "why". Thanks for checking out my site!

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