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Author: Gold Why Webmaster
Updated: December, 2008
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Gold is a tremendous holiday gift and I encourage you to give gold and silver coins to your loved ones this holiday season. There are two high level reasons I like this idea so much. First, gold is an appreciating asset and store of value. By giving a gold coin, you are giving a loved one an investment that has intrinsic value. Second, in this day and age, gold is not a familiar concept to many people. By giving a gold coin, you are opening up a new investment idea to your loved ones. Perhaps they have not considered investing in gold before. Upon holding their first gold coin, they will most likely be extremely interested in learning more. Your gift could provide the perfect starting point to start mentoring and teaching your loved ones all about your passion for gold.

Only Give Gold To Your Family

I tend to look at my finances and investments as a private matter. I don't need the whole world knowing exactly what I'm doing with my hard earned money. This is the primary reason I want to caveat this article with the above heading: Only give gold to your family. You want to share your passion for gold with people you love and trust, people who are not going to tell the whole world about your financial portfolio. After all, finances are a personal family matter and you don't want to be known around town as the person who is hoarding a stockpile of gold in their basement. (Even if you're not, these are the types of rumors that create a bad high profile image.)

Silver Is a Great Gift Too

Gold prices are escalating very rapidly these days, with one troy ounce of gold trading for around $800. $800 is a pretty substantial gift, definitely above my budget! If you are on a limited holiday budget, perhaps a tenth ounce gold coin makes the most sense for around $80-$100 depending on how much the dealer marks up the coin. Additionally, silver makes a super gift. You can get brand new 2007 American Silver Eagles for around $15-$20 per coin depending on dealer markup. Silver is neat because it's easier to package several coins together as a gift due to the lower price. It's always fun to get several coins as a gift! Another great idea: I just received an American Silver Eagle Money Clip as a gift. I am so excited about it and love the gift! Also, you may wish to check out my Christmas 2008 Santa Silver Rounds in my silver round picture gallery.

Gold Bullion Vs. Numismatics?

In general, I highly prefer giving bullion coins as gifts for two main reasons. First, bullion is cheaper. I'm usually on a very limited gift budget and expensive rare coins are just not an option for me. Second, unless you are giving a gift to a seasoned coin collector, the average person will not know or deeply appreciate the difference between bullion and numismatics. In introducing someone to the world of gold, bullion is great. Moreover, many bullion coins these days such as American Eagles and Canadian Maple leafs are truly beautiful coins. Get a mint brand new bullion coin and you will be giving away a valuable and beautiful gift.

How About Gold Stocks and Books?

Not ready to give away coins? There are definitely other options. Why not gift a few shares in your favorite gold company? Some examples of my favorite gold companies are Gold Corp (NYSE: GG) and Yamana (NYSE: AUY). Another favorite is Streettracks Gold Exchange Traded Fund (NYSE: GLD), a fund that directly tracks the price of gold. I personally prefer to gift coins because they are tangible and amazing to hold. However, if you are gifting a larger sum of money, stocks are definitely a super option for security purposes. Another great option: Give the gift of knowledge through a great investment or gold book. Whichever route you decide to go, you can't go wrong with the tips in this article (in my humble opinion at least). Gold is the gift that keeps on giving!

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