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Updated: June, 2009
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I am super excited about today's article because it represents perhaps the most fundamental reason I continue to buy and hoard gold coins: gold coins bring good luck. The more you buy, the more luck follows. Want to live the life of your dreams? Start hoarding gold bullion coins and watch the luck roll in! As you may have noticed, I have not updated this site since the beginning of January. My life has taken a big turn, which could have been for the worse. In fact, it's really miraculous how everything turned out and I attribute my good fortune to the gold coin (and bar) that I purchased in December. Specifically, I bought a quarter ounce gold maple leaf, and a one ounce Johnson Matthey gold bar.)

My Strange Twist of Luck In December and January

As you may know it's a bad economy. It's better to have good luck than ever right now because companies are laying off employees each and every day. Not the best of times. My company is no different. It started facing serious problems and had a mandatory shutdown through the holidays. At the last minute, they said, "Hey, you're taking two weeks paid time off. Don't have any paid time off saved up? Too bad." At this time, I didn't think too much of it. I consider myself a top performer at the company and thought that my job would be secure. So good stuff, two weeks break, a nice time to relax with family during the holidays. I had the paid time off saved up so this meant I would still get a paycheck during the shutdown.

I Started Hoarding Gold Coins Over My Break

So I have two weeks off and my fiancee's hard at work. What do you expect this gold bug to do? I started hanging out at my local coin shop and buying a lot of cool products online (such as copper bars from The Copper Cave). As mentioned in the introduction I made two larger purchases of a quarter ounce gold maple leaf and also a one ounce gold bullion bar. I'm a small gold investor so these gold coins represent larger purchases for me and are now safely secured in my safe deposit box. Fun times!

In addition to hoarding gold coins, I also did some job interviewing over the break. A recruiter for a really cool company had been contacting me and I finally had the time to start interviewing. The interviews went really well and I was super excited about the new opportunity. It was a good feeling to know that I had another option besides my current one, especially when the company wasn't doing so well. I got all the way to the final round and had a final round interview scheduled right after the two week break ended.

The Nightmares Begin

Two days before my two week break was over, I started having some serious nightmares. Each night, it was the same nightmare - me getting laid off. This was actually quite terrifying because I recently purchased my first condo in this horrible economy and need my job to pay the mortgage. I'm getting married soon as well and the financial pressure is real.

As I started getting these nightmares, I decided to postpone my final round interview at the new place by one day. I didn't want to risk it. I knew I would accept the new offer if I got it but at the same time did not know if i would get it with 100% certainty. I had to go all out my first day back at my old job knowing that that I had continue to "prove myself" especially in light of those horrible nightmares.

My Gold Coins Brought Me The Best of Luck

Here's the crazy part. I am certain my gold coins brought me good luck even though I did not know it was good luck at the time. So I went back to my old job and I did get laid off. Overall a very bad experience, one of the worst of my life. Good news: I got one month of severance pay. Better news: I got the job at the new place the very next day and was slated to start in one week. Best news: I essentially got double pay for one full month because of the severance and also am now at a company which is doing much better and I'm so much happier. I cannot attribute this great change of events to anything but my gold coins. I have read it time and time again and it's one of the big points of my financial hero Robert Kiyosaki. Gold is spiritual money. You can only truly understand this when you hold gold coins in your hard. They have a magical power and bring good luck to their owner. I have known this for quite some time, but the most recent events really drive home the point: Whenever you are going to make a big life changing event, stock up on a few gold coins to ensure your good fortune. In this particular case, it was more luck. I did not know that I was about to undergo a huge life changing event, but nonetheless bought the coins. My overall advice is to make gold coins part of your financial life!

I Sold Gold Coins Once and Had Bad Luck

So I mentioned I recently purchased a condo. Saving up a large down payment in this environment is difficult. To make the down payment, I actually had to sell a few gold coins. I never wanted to do this, but it was necessary. In hindsight, this was a very bad mistake because buying your first condo is a huge life event (and, as you will recall, I just recommended to buy gold coins before any big life changing event).

As soon as I sold these coins, everything imaginable went wrong with our home buying process. Another very long story but the summary: We spent six months trying everything imaginable with tons of offers falling through. It was a very hard and taxing experience before we finally ended up with our home. Everything that shouldn't have gone wrong went wrong. We felt cursed with bad luck. Everything ended up very well and I'm super happy about it but must say that I truly believe selling those few coins brought us some short term bad luck. Having a base of coins in my safe deposit box, however, is probably one of the big reasons we had enough good luck to end up with the place of our dreams and having a very happy ending.

Carry A Gold Coin With You

Each and every day I carry a half ounce gold Krugerrand in my briefcase. This is a great way to carry luck with me wherever I go! I suggest you do the same. Don't tell anybody about it. Just carry the coin quietly knowing that good luck is following you wherever you go. Nobody expects you to have a gold coin so the risk of theft is very low.

Do Gold Coins Truly Bring Luck?

This is a question I still ponder all the time. Is it the gold coins that bring the luck or is it simply that gold coins give me the confidence to be successful? I would say a little bit of both but I truly do believe that gold coins bring luck because of the story I started out with. It is a strange turn of events that I get laid off and get a new job the next day, actually profiting in a situation where I could have been in huge trouble. I know one thing is for sure, I will do my best to never sell my gold coins again and continue to buy them over my lifetime. Moreover, I feel strongly about giving gold coins to your loved ones as gifts. It's so easy to throw away your hard earned money in this world. Why not give a gift that teaches financial prudence while bringing the recipient some luck! Want to learn more about good luck? Learn about my newest hobby: collecting change from the ground. Try it yourself and you might find your lucky penny!

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