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Author: Gold Why Webmaster
Date: November, 2009
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The price of gold just soared through $1,100 with no signs of looking back. Gold is being mentioned on the news every single day. People are finally trading their paper fiat money for real money. In the midst of all of these great things (at least from the gold bug's perspective), where the heck has Gold Why been?

I Have Been Working Hard Behind The Scenes Here At Gold Why

This is actually a trick question. While the frequency of new homepage articles has been down a bit, I've actually been working very hard behind the scenes to make Gold Why a better site. In general, I've been adding a lot more depth across Gold Why as a site. Specifically, I have uploaded a huge number of new gold images, I recently launched a very special free newsletter and eBook (I am extremely proud of my eBook), and I have been answering questions in my new questions and answers section! In today's article, I'm looking forward to sharing some of these less obvious site enhancements with you. I truly hope you enjoy these updates to Gold Why, I have been working very hard on them!

Adding More Images To Gold Why's Gold Picture Articles

As described on the main page of Gold Why, there are two primary types of articles on my site: in-depth gold articles and gold image-based articles. The original idea was to make the in-depth articles text-heavy and the image-based articles picture-heavy. However, over time I really noticed the two blending together and decided to take the image-based articles to the next level by uploading a lot of new gold pictures. Excitingly, I spent a lot of time in October uploading sub-articles to most of my popular image-based articles complete with a plethora of high resolution gold and silver pictures! Below, you can see a list of all the new sub-articles. I also include the parent articles for your reference. I have gotten a lot of positive feedback on my high quality gold images and have had to pay money to be able to license these for my site. I truly hope you enjoy viewing them. The next best thing in my opinion to holding gold bullion in your hand is viewing high resolution images of gold!

Original Image Article: 1 Kilo Gold Bar Pictures
New Sub-Article With More Images: 4 More Pictures of 1 Kilo Gold Bars

Original Image Article: 1 Kilo Silver Bar Pictures
New Sub-Article With More Images: 3 More Pictures of 1 Kilo Silver Bars

Original Image Article: 1 Ounce Gold Bar Pictures
New Sub-Article With More Images: 3 More Pictures of 1 Oz Gold Bars

Original Image Article: Old US Silver Coin Pictures
New Sub-Article With More Images: 8 More Pictures of Old US Silver Coins

Original Image Article: Franklin Silver Half Dollar Pictures
New Sub-Article With More Images: 5 More Pictures of Franklin Silver Half Dollars

Original Image Article: Saint Gaudens Gold Coin Pictures
New Sub-Article With More Images: 4 More Pictures of Saint Gaudens Gold Coins

Original Image Article: American Eagle Silver Coin Pictures
New Sub-Article With More Images: 6 More Pictures of Silver American Eagles

Original Image Article: American Eagle Gold Coin Pictures
Original Sub-Article: Pictures of My 2005 1 Oz Gold Eagle
New Sub-Article With More Images: 8 More Pictures of Gold American Eagle Coins

Original Image Article: Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Pictures
New Sub-Article With More Images: 2 More Pictures of Silver Maple Leaf Coins

Original Image Article: Gold Krugerrand Pictures
New Sub-Article With More Images: 5 More Pictures of Gold Krugerrands

My New Newsletter and Free eBook

Those gold bullion pictures are pretty cool, right? Well if you liked that update, you're going to love this one. I recently launched Gold Why's Free Newsletter. It's simple: All you have to do is enter your first name and email address. Then, you'll receive my free newsletter directly to your email inbox. You'll get free articles, information, and even special offers (all of which are not available on this site). To set the stakes even higher, I wrote a 5 page free eBook highlighting my Top 10 Copper Bullion Tips. How do you get my eBook? It's simple! Simply sign up for my free newsletter and then you'll get my free eBook emailed directly to your inbox. I'm very proud of this eBook because Gold Why has emerged as the leading source of information about copper bullion. I'm very proud of this fact and challenge myself everyday to provide the best copper bullion information on the Internet. My eBook takes it to the next level and provides 10 timely copper bullion tips not available on my site. I encourage you to sign up for my free Gold Why Newsletter and receive your copy of my free eBook today!

Ask Me Any Question About Gold, Silver, or Copper!

My last major update is the new Gold Why Questions & Answers. This new area of my site is really cool. Simply enter your question in the simple form and them it will trigger an email to me. Then, I'll answer your question and post a link to the answer at the bottom of the Gold Why Questions & Answers section. The beauty of this: You get to see the answer not only to your own question but to all other question as well! Note: I have been getting more questions lately than I'm able to answer. I have been saving them all and will eventually answer them all. I sincerely thank you for your gold questions, I really appreciate it. To close out, I really hope you enjoy these new "less obvious" updates. While it may look like there have been no updates lately, I've been working very hard behind the scenes!

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