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Updated: September, 2010
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To the left is a video by YouTube member "Westerndeep" displaying his amazing gold bullion coin collection. This is the best YouTube video of gold coins by far and is very entertaining. I really like this video because the collection is very diverse including coins ranging from your standard Krugerrand to varying dates of Australian Nuggets. Also, the speaker has some really neat background music and good overall knowledge of the gold bullion coin industry. Below is a summary of the main points in the video and also an analysis of the current value of the gold coins in this collection. Overall, I highly recommend watching this video.

American 24 Karat Gold Buffalos

This collection features four 24 karat gold bullion American Buffalo coins. Three of them are in their original packaging from the US Mint and the other is outside its packaging. (As a side note, I highly recommend always leaving your 24 karat Buffalo coins in the mint packaging. The packaging is there to protect the coins from scratches and dents.) These are really neat coins featuring a Native American on the obverse and a Buffalo on the reverse. With the current price of gold at $950 per ounce, these four coins alone are worth $3,800.

One 24 Karat Gold Canadian Maple Leaf Coin

One of my personal favorite coins is the 24 karat Gold Canadian Maple Leaf. This is a simply beautiful coin with Queen Elizabeth on the obverse and a maple leaf on the reverse. This collection only has one of these coins stored in an SD card case. I personally think all gold bullion coin collections should have at least one of these coins. Value of this coin is $950.

Several Australian Nuggets of Varying Dates

The part of the video that I enjoyed the most is the discussion of the Australian Nuggets. These are really great looking 24 karat gold bullion coins. The obverse always portrays Queen Elizabeth and the reverse changes each year. Over time, the speaker says that the designs on the reverse are looking worse than in prior years. Even so, I in general think these are great looking coins and not quite as popular in the United States versus other coins but it's worth searching for these. What was most interesting was a huge 2 troy ounce Australian Nugget. That's a big coin! Overall, the collection features six one ounce nuggets and one two ounce nugget. The breakdown of the one ounce coins is one 1987, one 2003, one 2006, and three 2007. The overall value of these coins is roughly $7,600.

22 Karat One Ounce Gold American Eagle Coins

The collection features two Gold American Eagle coins. These are 22 karat gold bullion coins meaning they have some copper and silver to give them strength to protect against scratches and dents. The speaker discusses the differences between 22 and 24 karat coins and holds them side by side so you can see the difference in color. While the 24 karat coins have more yellow, the 22 karat coins have a little red tint in them due to the copper. Both 22 karat and 24 karat coins contain one troy ounce of gold, just the 22 karat coins also contain some other metals for strength. Both have their pros and cons but there's no denying the great look of pure 24 karat gold. The value of these two coins is $1,900.

Three One Half Ounce Austrian Philharmonics

The speaker has three one half ounce Austrian Philharmonics, fractional gold bullion coins. I really like how these 24 karat coins look. They have an orchestra of instruments on the obverse and a building on the reverse. Interestingly, these coins are in general thinner and wider than other gold bullion coins (which means you will want to handle them with a lot of care). As with Australian nuggets, these are less well known but very neat coins. Worth having at least one in every gold bullion coin collection. These three half ounce coins are worth $1,425.

South African Krugerrand Heaven

The speaker's favorite coin is the South African Krugerrand. After all, he has roughly 20 of them having a value of $19,000 with gold at $950 per ounce right now. The Krugerrand is the original gold bullion coin. I agree with the speaker and like Krugerrands too. You can usually get them for a low premium above the spot price of gold and they are well accepted and known everywhere. The obverse of the Krugerrand has Paul Kruger an the reverse has the Spring Bok. All gold coin collections must have at least one Krugerrand, it's a rule. The speaker holds the Krugerrand right next to the American Gold Eagle to show that they are the exact same size.

A Few More Miscellaneous Coins and Conclusion

There are also a few more coins in the collection, namely two British Sovereigns and also an Austrian one ounce gold coin. Adding up all of the coins in this collection, I come up with roughly 38 troy ounces of gold bullion. 38 troy ounces of gold bullion with the price of gold at $950 per ounce has an amazing value of roughly $36,000. The speaker adds a disclaimer that he does not keep these coins at home. Very smart of him. I always recommend storing gold in your safe deposit box for peace of mind and security. You want to protect your investment no matter how small or large and sleep and night knowing your assets safe. Since this video was uploaded, the price of gold has gone from $760 to $950, another really interesting fact.

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